Prologic Web Solutions Private Limited through its director Mayank Jain, owns the trademark for GST Suvidha Kendra® and GST Suvidha Center®. Anyone selling/ buying the licence other than Prologic Web Solutions Private Limited is illegal under the Trademarks Act 1999 and will be prosecuted under the provisions of Trademark Act 1999.

Contributing to Indian Economy

  • GST Suvidha Kendra®

  • H-183, Sector 63, Noida

  • 09:00 - 21:00

  • Everyday

GST Suvidha Kendra® – Franchise Cost

License Type Price
GST Suvidha Kendra® License ₹ 25000 + GST
Micro ATM Distributorship
( Reseller Rights To Sell Micro ATM in Your Area )
₹ 10000 + GST

Cost Details

GST Suvidha Kendra®

GST Suvidha Kendra® License


  • GST Services
  • Company Services
  • Pan Services
  • All types Loans
  • All types of Insurance
  • Tour And Travel Services
  • Money Transfer & Withdrwal
  • Recharges
  • Bill Payment

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Ongoing Trainings

  • Web-Based Coaching
  • Offline Training
  • Study Material
  • FAQ
  • MCQ

Lead Generation Methods

  • Relationship Manager
  • Support Desk ( Email/Ticket/Phone)

Welcome Kit

  • RGSK Certificate Hard Copy & Soft Copy
  • Soft Copies of Banner,Letter Head, Visiting Card and Phemplate


  • 150 x 100 Rs/Each ( Total 15,000 Rs Value )

Unlimited Utility Resellers

  • Micro ATM
  • Money Transfer
  • UPI Payments
  • AEPS ( Aadhaar Payment)
  • Sale by Cash
  • Sale by Card (Debit/Credit)
  • Bill Payment
  • Recharges
  • Refunds

What are you going to get?

  • GSTN–GSP Approved License (Soft Copy & Hard Copy)
  • CRM Portal to provide the all the services.
  • Relationship Manager
  • We are providing 22 Trainings
    1. Live / Offline
    2. Hindi / English
    3. epartment wise Trainers
    4. Certification
    5. Theory Material
    6. FAQ
    7. MCQ
  • Trainer Phone Number for Help.
  • Support
    1. hone support
    2. Email support
    3. Ticket support
    4. Chat support
  • Marketing Material
    1. There are traditional marketing, methods which are available in the market and we all know how it works. For example – pamphlets , visiting card and Banner, Flier, poster etc.These all are available as soft copy in our CRM portal which you can download anypoint of time from the CRM.
      • User Manual
      • CRM Instruction Manual
      • Information Kit about Services
      • Phemplate in PDF Format
      • Letter Lead with .ai file
      • Visting Card with .ai file
      • Banner with .ai file
      • GST Suvidha Kendra License (Soft Copy)
    2. There are modern internet advertisement available, where you can generate leads using goggle ads and Facebook ads within the proximity of your business location.
      We also provide you the training for running the ads.
    3. We also give you, local listing training for example – Google listing, Sulekha and just dial in total 10 different websites where you can generate the leads free of cost.
    4. Apart from all of this, we provide a unique method to lead generation which is not available in the market. This will not only generate the unlimited leads but will get you
      monthly income from your local area.
  • Coupons (150X100)
    150 Coupons of 100 Rs Each. Apply these coupons to your GST Suvidha Kendra Servies.Maximum Discount = 100 Rs. Valid for one year.Cheap Service Pricing. Example GST Registration. 400 Rs cost with 50% your commission, make it 200 Rs. With 100 Rs Coupon Code, this becomes only 100 Rs.Now, calculate the cost of 100 Such Registrations, Just 10,000 Rs. If you do return filing on monthly basis and earn 200 Rs from each client, you make 20,000 Rs/Month & Now Calculate the cost in case of 500 GST Clients & Monthly Earning.
  • Important Announcements from Govt. Dept.
  • Open-ended recurring commission on GST and other Tax-Related services.
  • No other concealed charges for future services.
  • Commission Payments twice during a month.
  • Competitive Service Pricing.
  • Experience
    Prologic Web Solution is serving many clients domestic & International, since 2012, 8 Years in the market. We are providing services with high level of support and accuracy in IT, GST, Taxations, Accounting, Insurance, Loans, MoneyTransfer, Many other B2C, B2B & G2C domains.
  • Authorization from GSP:
    Working with GSTN approved GSP i.e.Cygnet InfoTech Pvt Ltd.
  • 25 years license fee: One time fees for 25 years.
  • In Person Meeting @ office:
    You can come to our office located at H-183, Sector 63, Noida & See the staff over 250+ working In Full passion.