Prologic Web Solutions Private Limited through its director Mayank Jain, owns the trademark for GST Suvidha Kendra® and GST Suvidha Center®. Anyone selling/ buying the licence other than Prologic Web Solutions Private Limited is illegal under the Trademarks Act 1999 and will be prosecuted under the provisions of Trademark Act 1999.

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GST Suvidha Kendra®️, GST Suvidha Center®️ & other Prologic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brands are valuable assets of the company, and are legally protected in India. This site provides general guidelines regarding the proper, permitted and prohibited use of Prologic’s trademarks. GST Suvidha Kendra®️ & GST Suvidha Center®️ Marks owned by Mayank Jain, Director of Prologic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Reservation of Rights

Prologic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., including its subsidiaries (“Prologic”), reserves all rights with respect to its trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, trade dress and other indicia (“Marks”). Prologic does not routinely accept or review specific requests for guidance on the use of its Marks. Any unauthorized use of any Prologic-owned Mark, or any use of a mark that is confusingly similar to, or likely to cause confusion with, an Prologic-owned Mark, would constitute infringement of Prologic’s exclusive trademark rights. This document does NOT constitute any form of license to use any Prologic-owned Mark. No Prologic employee is authorized to provide guidance on the use of Prologic-owned Marks, nor to give permission to use any Prologic-owned Mark, except by formal written license agreement published by Prologic or signed by an authorized director or vice president. Any promise, agreement, guidance or other representation by any Prologic employee (other than by a formal license as described herein) is invalid and cannot be relied upon. If you have questions about the laws surrounding the use of Prologic’s Marks, or any other parties’ marks, you should consult a qualified attorney. In certain instances, Prologic provides limited licenses to third parties to use specific Prologic-owned Marks in the context of formal membership programs or specific software distribution programs. If you are a member in good standing of one of Prologic’s membership programs, or if you are a licensed distributor of Prologic’s software under various specific reseller or affiliate sales programs conducted by Prologic, please see the perspective program’s website, membership materials or distribution agreement(s) for terms and conditions related to any use of Prologic-owned Marks.

Trademark Violation

GST Suvidha Kendra®️ or GST Suvidha Center®️ License is provided under a banner of Prologic Web Solutions Private Limited which is a Registered Trademark Business & Authorised Service Provider aligned with one of the GSP approved by GSTN. Anyone selling GST Suvidha Kendra®️ License or GST Suvidha Center®️ License other than Prologic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are not a legal business & will go through the legal procedure. Please report such websites or business to

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