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Why GST Suvidha Kendra® is the Biggest Earning Opportunity in India ?

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This question can be answered with a simple example. Let’s see, how?

  • Let’s say, in first month a New GSK obtain 15 clients and earning X amount from each client.
  • Since, GST returns filing is a monthly process, these clients are going to give you same X amount for returns filing.
  • So, your first month earning is 15X.
  • In Second month, you obtained another new 15 clients, So, in total now you have to do returns filing for 15+15 = 30 clients. Now, your earning is 30X.
  • If you put your efforts to get new clients every month in same manner, you will have 180 clients in a year.
  • So, in that case your earning is 180X per month.

You can understand this by following table :

Month Clients Earning
1 15 15 X
2 30 30 X
3 45 45 X
4 60 60 X
5 75 75 X
6 90 90 X
7 105 105 X
8 120 120 X
9 135 135 X
10 150 150 X
11 165 165 X
12 180 180 X

This is only for GST filing – Just one service. There are more than 30 services which you can offer to your clients.

Now, considering the fact that these clients will also need accounting services and you are going to get Y amount for that.

So, after 1 year your earning is 180 ( X+Y)

Note : X & Y can be any number and this is used to show the nature of business.

Why you should own your GSK?

Again, this is going to be a risk free, low investment and ongoing increasing income for GSK. You have flexibility to do it full/part time not 10 to 8 pm  Business or 9 to 5 pm Job.

When you start any new business, you need to take care of “Who will be your Clients”? The biggest challenge is “How will I get the clients? ” No matter which business you do – The question remains same as a challenge for everyone. To get the answer of this, you need to speak to our representative and that can happen only after your application.



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