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1500 crore gift card fraudulent: Central GST paid tax of Rs 1.30 crore from firms

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1500 crore gift card fraudulent: Central GST paid tax of Rs 1.30 crore from firms

Central GST Department

1500 crore gift card fraudulent: Central GST paid tax of Rs 1.30 crore from firms

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In the case of Gift Card forgery and GST (Goods and Services Tax) evasion, the Central Goods and Services Tax Department has been involved in filling taxes on one side from the firms involved within the case and on the opposite side, an investigation is being done simultaneously. So far, the officials related to the Central GST Department have collected tax of quite Rs 1.30 crore from Hisar. The firms that have made transactions through the gift card are being included within the investigation process. The investigation of the case continues for five to 6 hours a day. The matter is so big that even the high officials of the Central GST Department have encouraged the local authorities on this action. For this, a letter has also been issued by the chairman.

Cases being seen in several districts
So far, the figure is predicted to rise significantly from Rs 1500 crore. because the investigation progresses, the sport through gift cards is additionally becoming clear towards the mirror. In this, the cards are used not just for commissions but also for several other purposes. Many other commodities starting from electronic goods also are appearing in it.

GST is being imposed on commission from two to 5 percent
In this case, GST is being calculated supported their transactions. Those committing this fraud have taken a commission of two to 5 percent. In such a department can levy GST on commission. On this basis, 18 percent GST has been given to firms. A letter of tax arrears is additionally being issued to each firm. However, during this case, the authorities are avoiding speaking anything. consistent with him, it’s too early to mention anything.

This is a present card fraud case
Some firms of Hisar, Fatehabad, Sirsa, and Jind came to the notice of the Central GST Department, which had transacted crores of rupees. The transaction was done through a present card, during which the govt didn’t even receive 18 percent GST on commission. along with side this, other irregularities have also come up.

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