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Best Ideas for a Thriving Small Business in India

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Best Ideas for a Thriving Small Business in India

Small Business in India

Best Ideas for a Thriving Small Business in India

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Table of Contents

  1. Profitable Business Plans for 2023: Examples and Introduction
  2. Affiliate Starter Guide: Essential Tools For Setting Up a Digital Business
  3. Personal Service Businesses on Demand
  4. Creative Ventures for Artistic Minds
  5. Fitness and Health-Oriented Business Ventures
  6. Exploring the Niche Markets
  7. Starting the Best One Man Tech-Product Businesses
  8. Become an Agent
  9. Green Business Ventures for the Environmentally Conscious
  10. Conclusion
  11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Profitable Business Plans for 2023: Examples and Introduction

Identifying Best Business Ideas for 2023

Now we're getting to the best part. Fishing features, baby! And lots of 'em. Your boat better have at least one practical design for anglers, such as a rod holder for fishing rods. This feature is not just practical, but necessary, especially when baiting line and trolling for fish.

The Importance of Unique and Profitable Ventures

Uniqueness is one of the crucial criteria when launching a venture in entrepreneurship. Why? Because it helps you stand out from the crowded market, bringing a fresh perspective. But, remember, a successful business not only radiates uniqueness but also serves a profitable market niche. Your goal? Find a business idea that offers both.

Affiliate Starter Guide: Essential Tools For Setting Up a Digital Business

Blogging Businesses

Blogs? Yes, you read that right! Creating a blog in a niche you're passionate about can become a profitable business. Use your platform on LinkedIn to provide value through engaging content. And, monetize it through methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and more. The cherry on top? The investment is minimal, requiring just a custom domain and your writing skills. Fun fact: The Huffington Post started as a blog in 2003 and sold for $315 million in 2011!

Blogging Business

Online reselling

Next up, online reselling. If you have items lying around or find great deals on products, why not start a reseller business and resell them on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Amazon? The perk? You can start with little investment. Fact is, Amazon’s most profitable category for third-party sellers is clothing and accessories. So, if you have an eye for fashion, this could be your golden opportunity!

Online Reselling Business Idea

E-commerce Store Ownership

Starting an e-commerce store is another great idea! Plus, it's never been easier, thanks to platforms like Shopify and YouTube. You can sell anything from handmade goods to digital products on YouTube. The benefits? Reduced overhead costs and the freedom to operate from anywhere. Remember, Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage in 1994, and now it's one of the biggest e-commerce giants!

E-Commerce Business Owners

Freelance Writing Services

Lastly, freelance writing can be a lucrative gig for the workforce. People pay good money for well-crafted words. You could write blogs, press releases, or web content. Heck, you might end up making it your full-time job! Plus, companies value SEO knowledge, so sharpen those skills too. In 2021, content marketers and writers saw a 23% increase in pay indicating growing demand for quality content. The workforce has a great opportunity in the field of freelance writing.

Freelance Writing Services

Personal Service Businesses on Demand

Home-Based Catering and Cleaning Services Businesses

Switching gears, home-based catering services can be quite profitable. If you're someone who enjoys cooking, this could be your chance. Start with small events and gradually expand. Don't forget, experimenting and marketing snack ideas are key! Like chef Paul who made a name for himself catering for athletes and businesses. The trick? Offer your unique culinary skills and delicious snack ideas meals! Fun fact: catering is considered one of the highest profit margin food-related businesses in the world!

Cleaning Services

Virtual Assistance Agencies

Next, consider starting a virtual assistant agency. From large enterprises to solopreneurs, everyone can benefit from a helping hand. You can offer services like managing emails, booking appointments, or answering customer queries. Imagine the freedom of working remotely and earning a fair income. A good VA can make an average annual salary of about $43,783. Not bad for a start, huh?

"Personal service businesses on demand have revolutionized the way we access and consume services, seamlessly blending convenience with necessity. The on-demand economy has not only democratized service accessibility but also fostered a customer-centric approach where services are tailored to individual needs and preferences. This paradigm shift, where services are literally at our fingertips, has not only elevated customer experience but also ignited entrepreneurial spirit and innovation across the globe."

John Hill, Working as VP in 360 Ad GlobalRanking

Virtual Assistance

Professional Organizing Businesses

Do you enjoy decluttering and organizing? If so, then starting a professional organizing business is your go-to move. This involves helping clients develop effective systems for downsizing and maintaining organized spaces. With the average total annual salary around $50,301, this business idea definitely holds potential. Remember Marie Kondo? She turned her passion for organization into a global brand sparking joy worldwide!

Creative Ventures for Artistic Minds

Handcrafted Goods Sales

For those creatively inclined, selling handcrafted goods is a fantastic opportunity. Whether it's knitted items, custom wigs or handmade jewelry, there's a market waiting. Just take a look at Etsy. People worldwide visit the platform to buy unique, one-of-a-kind items. And plenty of sellers make a full-time living off it. Handmade soap, for instance, was searched 173% more than the previous year! Fascinating, right? YouTube is also an excellent platform for showcasing your handmade creations and reaching a wider audience.

The handmade goods market is experiencing a significant rise as consumers increasingly value the authenticity and distinctiveness of artisanal products. A recent study predicts that this market will reach an astonishing $718.6 billion by 2025, indicating a growing preference for customized, handcrafted items. This expanding market highlights a changing consumer attitude towards craftsmanship and sustainability and creates numerous possibilities for artisans and business owners to succeed by meeting the rising demand for personalized, handcrafted goods.

Custom Design and Printing Services

The world of custom design, printing services, and transcription is vast and profitable. Want to customize t-shirts with slogans? Or create stunning phone cases, tote bags, or even podcast merchandise? Options are endless. And with print-on-demand services, you pay for each product, saving costs if a design doesn't sell. Plus, you don't need design expertise. Using freelance sites, you can hire designers and create a business model like Vapor95, turning creative ideas into reality! If you're looking for transcription services, you can also find professionals who can accurately transcribe your audio or video recordings.

Photography and Videography Businesses

Starting a photography or videography business is perfect for those with a creative eye. You can specialize in weddings, fashion, product shoots and more. Starting out, try photo shoots for family and friends, building a portfolio and a body of work. As an example, Erica Clayton built a successful freelance photography business by giving herself a firm deadline to turn a profit. And for videography, with 85% of US internet users watching online videos, the demand is there! Not to mention, a basic lighting set, microphones, cameras, and editing software are all the essentials you need to get started.

Photography and Videography Businesses

"Positioning itself as a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, the global photography and videography market is projected to reach approximately $149.98 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 8.43% from 2021, according to a report by Mordor Intelligence. This substantial growth is propelled by technological advancements, the proliferation of social media, and an escalating demand for visual content across various sectors. Entrepreneurs venturing into this field are not only tapping into a booming market but are also becoming pivotal players in an industry where visual storytelling is paramount and perpetually in demand."

-Lucy Phan works at the International Video Association of America

Fitness and Health-Oriented Business Ventures

Online Fitness Training

If fitness is your thing, consider online fitness training. Personal fitness training is a booming $10 billion industry, and the online market is growing rapidly. Prepare and sell workout plans, host live workout sessions, or offer nutrition advice. People are willing to pay for convenience and expert guidance. After all, fitness influencers have capitalized on this idea during and after the pandemic, which saw a rise in at-home workouts and DIY videos. A fitness trainer can earn anywhere from $30,000 to

Online Fitness Training

Healthy Food Delivery Services

Now, let's dive into healthy food delivery services. It's no secret, people are becoming more health-conscious but struggle to find time to cook nutritious meals. So, offering meals-to-go is a grand idea. Consider Chef Paul's niche clientele of athletes and businesses. You, too, can create a niche by catering to dietary preferences of customers. With a modest investment in a shared-use, licensed kitchen, this lucrative opportunity of a café can be yours. Remember, the global online food delivery market is forecasted to reach $192 billion by 2025!

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Healthy Food Delivery Services

Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services

Here's another one! Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services, including transcription. With Covid-19, telehealth soared in popularity and continues to grow. It ranges from video appointments with doctors to getting prescriptions filled online. Need evidence? Companies like TalkSpace and BetterHelp have shaken up the mental health industry, offering therapies without an office or practice. So, if you're a healthcare professional with experience in transcription, consider this as your next venture. Fun fact: by 2025, telemedicine is predicted to be worth more than $175 billion globally.


Exploring the Niche Markets

Pet Grooming and Walking Services

If you're an animal lover, think pet grooming business and walking services in the healthcare industry. People love their pets and are willing to spend on their wellbeing. In fact, the healthcare industry in the pet grooming business market is expected to grow by 7% by 2025. Plus, dog walking is a booming business in the healthcare industry, especially in urban areas where green spaces are limited. Remember -- Rover and Dogtopia offer a great testing ground for this venture. Running your own pet grooming business show might have red tape, but passionate canine colleagues in the healthcare industry ensure it's worthwhile!

Home-Based Tutoring Services

For the academically gifted, home-based tutoring services and transcription are a gem. One of the best ways to leverage your knowledge is by teaching others or providing transcription services. Remember, it doesn't have to be just academic subjects. You can teach piano lessons, a foreign language, or coding. With pandemic-induced school closures, the demand for online tutoring and transcription services has risen dramatically. Whether you choose to offer tutoring through platforms like Tutorme or VIPkid, or offer transcription services through platforms like Rev, there are various platforms ready to host your services. And here's

Drone Photography Services

Delving into the creative realm, drone photography services have massive commercial potential. From real estate developers to movie producers, the demand is there. Aerial views can provide impressive imagery at a relatively low cost. You can rent a quality drone, which can start as low as $1500. And as long as you have the required license and insurance, there's nothing stopping you from making breathtaking heights your workplace.

Drone Photography Services

Starting the Best One Man Tech-Product Businesses

Website Development and Management

Now let's get technical with website design, development, and management. It's a booming industry as businesses understand the need for a strong online presence. From WordPress to Wix, no-code solutions have made it easier than ever to create and design websites. Offer web design or automated testing services. Aim to acquire clients by networking and stretching into other roles like SEO. Let's take a cue from Alofa Tech that has carved a niche in SEO consultancy. The average total annual salary for website designers is about $82,521. Interestingly, by 2028, web development jobs are expected to grow up to 15%. So, simply start with owning the internet, one beautifully designed website at a time!

Website Development and Management

App Development

And now, our star of the tech world - app development. The advent of smartphones has made apps essential for businesses. Depending on your skills, you can create utility or gaming apps. What about a jogging app or a zombie survival game? You can monetize through in-app purchases and premium versions. Remember Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds? It took them 51 tries before hitting success, proving persistence is key. There's always room for new apps in the $189 billion industry. In fact, a successful app like Instagram can generate up to $69k a day! So, get those codes brewing and develop the next big app.

Cryptocurrency Consulting

Guess what's next? Cryptocurrency Consulting and Health Tech! As digital currencies like Bitcoin continue to rise, so does the demand for understanding them. As a consultant in health tech, you can guide investors, facilitate crypto transactions, and ensure ethical practices. Just like Ian Balina, who became a leading cryptocurrency influencer after leaving IBM. To be successful in this field, you'll need a good grasp of both finance or technology, and health tech. Perhaps, a certification from a renowned institute could enhance your credibility. During 2021, cryptocurrencies hit a record $2 trillion market cap! The world of crypto and health tech is filled with opportunities and 2023 could be your year to join in. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or in this case, a single coin!

Cryptocurrency Consulting

Course Selling

Now, let's consider course-selling. With the rise of digital learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube, sharing your expertise is easier than ever. Whether it's social media marketing or finger painting, there's a market for your knowledge. By creating and selling online courses, you can generate a passive income. The best part? You don't need a specific level of education, but strong command of the material. Looking for inspiration? 22-year-old Laurine made €10,000 in just one month by selling an online course on Pinterest marketing. Remember, knowledge is power, but shared knowledge is wealth! Now, it's your turn to become an influencer and teach your way to success!

Course Selling In India

Become an Agent

GST Suvidha Kendra

One of the profitable business ideas for 2023 is starting a GST Suvidha Kendra. These are GST Facilitation Centres, authorized by the government to provide assistance in GST compliance. You'll help businesses in filing returns, registrations, invoice generations and maintaining GST ledgers. Getting an Authorized GST Suvidha Kendra Franchise can cost anywhere between 25K to 2.5Lac INR, depending on the level of services offered. This venture can be set up with minimal investment and can generate good revenue by charging a nominal fee from your clients. Got a knack for numbers and finance? This could be your business for 2023!

With the help of GST Suvidha Kendra, You can earn up to 50,000 Rs to 1,00,000 Rs per month. You will not only earn but you will be able to sell 400+ services from one single portal.

AEPS & DMT Business

Consider starting an AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) and DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) business, which involves offering an array of financial services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, domestic money transfers, utility bill payments, and transcription, leveraging Aadhaar's vast database. All you need is a small business set-up and basic knowledge of financial transactions. By charging a small service fee, and with a start-up cost as low as 20,000 INR, success is at your fingertips! Here's an interesting fact: AEPS transactions in India crossed 220 million transactions in just one month in 2021! Tap into this financial service market and make your mark!

GST Suvidha Kendra also provides AEPS & DMT services. With the help of just 2 services, you can plan to earn up to 60,000 Rs/month without much technical knowledge. To know more about AEPS, please click on this article.


Insurance Agent

With growing awareness about financial security, being an insurance agent can be a viable business. You'll be selling insurance products like life, health and property coverage. All you need is good interpersonal skills and a local insurance regulatory authority license. True story: Pankaj mirrors the success of becoming an LIC agent, earning a whopping 1.2 crore INR premium in a single year. As an agent, your earnings are commission-based. So, the more policies you sell, the more you earn. And with the insurance penetration in India at 3.76% for life insurance alone, there is a tremendous opportunity to grow. Are you ready to inspire trust and security in 2023?

With the help of GST Suvidha Kendra, you can become an insurance agent in your area & become a successful business operator.

Become an insurance Agent

Loan Agent

Another profitable venture to consider is becoming a loan agent. You'll assist individuals and businesses to secure loans from financial institutions. From conducting credit checks to negotiating loan terms, you'll be there at every step. And for this work, you earn a commission without investing any money. It's a win-win. Let’s take Piyush’s journey as an example. He gained experience working with a bank and then started his successful loan agency. In a country like India where the middle class is growing rapidly, the need for loans is escalating too. This trend presents an ample opportunity for individuals to start their loan agency business. So, if you have a knack for finance and negotiation, this could be your big break!

With the help of GST Suvidha Kendra, you can become a successful loan agent in your area & become a business operator.

DMAT Broker

Being a DMAT broker is another potential business to kickstart in 2023. You'll facilitate transactions and maintain dematerialized accounts for clients. A DMAT account holds shares and securities in electronic format, making dealing in stocks easier. Marketplaces like Zerodha, a brokerage company which started with a capital of 2.5 million INR and is now valued at $1 billion, offer great opportunities for growth and success. If your client makes a profit, so do you! So, if you're tech-savvy and understand the stock market, jump in! The stock market in India grew by 31% in terms of total investors in 2021, and this growth shows no signs of stopping. Buckle up for an exciting journey in the stock market world!

Mutual Fund Broker

Here's another profitable venture for 2023 - becoming a Mutual Fund broker. The demand for Mutual Funds is high due to low risks and good returns. As a broker, your work involves advising clients on investments and completing necessary formalities. All that is needed is registering with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Like Pat Flynn, you could make a fortune from being a broker. Pat started by just brokering apartment leases and ended up creating a real estate empire. Remember, Mutual fund investments grew by 50% in India alone in 2021. So, if financial markets are your domain, being a mutual fund broker could be your next business move. Ready to lead people towards smart investment choices? Let's get started!

Travel Services

Finally, travel services can be a gold mine for those with a knack for planning perfect vacations. From curating itineraries to booking accommodations, you can assist in every step. Create an online platform, and voila! You're set to plan trips for individuals, families, or even large groups. Just like the Art N Soul Escapes travel company, which profits from group traveling. Depending on the number of bookings and the commission rate, travel planners, including wholesalers, can make a lot. In fact, 30% of millennials are willing to hire travel agents, despite the digital age. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to travel and grow your business. So, if you're a travel enthusiast ready to make clients' vacation dreams come true, this is your sign! Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, or in this case, a single trip! Ready to embark on the profitable journey of travel services?

With the help of GST Suvidha Kendra, you can become a travel agent in your area & become a business operator. You can sell services like bus booking, railway booking, hotel booking, flight booking & much more.

Start your Travel Agency

Green Business Ventures for the Environmentally Conscious

Solar Energy Consultation Services

Tapping into green businesses, Solar Energy Consultation Services is a market with boundless potential. As a consultant, you'd facilitate home inspections and provide solar solutions ranging from full installations to simple lighting. Starting in a solar company can give the needed experience. A shift towards green energy sources has increased the demand for Solar power. In fact, it is expected to grow at 19.9% CAGR from 2017 to 2025. You can be a part of this future-proof industry just as Andy Walker did. He became a notable expert in solar energy, even authoring a book on the subject. So, if you're passionate about green initiatives and aim to promote sustainable living, why not guide the world to a brighter and greener future? Are you ready to harness the power of the sun?

Solar Energy Consultation Services
  • Ambitious Targets: India aims for 100 GW solar capacity by 2022, underlining significant growth prospects.
  • Investment Magnet: The sector has attracted over $10 billion, showcasing a lucrative investment landscape.
  • Job Creation: The solar industry is a potent generator of diverse employment opportunities.
  • Cost-Effective: Solar power has achieved grid parity, becoming a financially viable energy alternative.
  • Government Support: Numerous subsidies and incentives are available to bolster solar energy businesses.
  • Diverse Applications: Multiple business avenues arise from varied solar applications like rooftop installations and solar parks.
  • SME Opportunities: Localized solar solutions, especially in remote areas, present viable opportunities for SMEs.
  • Sustainability: Adopting solar energy enhances sustainable development and reduces environmental impact.

Organic Farming and Produce Supply

For those with a love for farming and a keen interest in healthy living, how about starting an organic farm and supply business? Grow and sell fresh, organic produce directly to your consumers. Or supply them to local groceries and farmers' markets. The demand for organic food is ever increasing, with people becoming more health-conscious. In fact, the organic food market is expected to reach $681.86 billion by 2027! And with successful organic farmers like John Chester of Apricot Lane Farms making the headlines, organic farming businesses have the potential to soar. So, if you love the idea of working with the earth while offering nutritious food to your community, let 2023 be the year you sprout and grow in the field of organic farming. If you have a passion for grooming business, remain patient and persistent in pursuing your dreams. Just as a tiny seed blossoms into a bountiful harvest, so too will your business grow to sow the seeds of success! Ready to break ground?

Organic Farming Business
  • Widespread Adoption: India has over 1.36 million organic farmers, the highest number globally.
  • Land Area: India dedicates approximately 1.7 million hectares to organic farming, ensuring extensive production of organic crops.
  • Exports: India exported 1.35 million MT of certified organic products worth USD 515 million in 2017-18.
  • Diverse Products: Organic farming in India produces over 600,000 MT of organic cotton annually, leading globally, and a wide array of organic spices, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Government Initiatives: The Government of India promotes organic farming through schemes like Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY) and Mission Organic Value Chain Development for the North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER).
  • Sikkim: In 2016, Sikkim was declared India's first 100% organic state, showcasing a successful organic farming model.
  • Environmental Impact: Organic farming enhances soil fertility, reduces chemical pollution, and promotes biodiversity, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices.

Organic farming in India is characterized by its widespread adoption, diverse production, supportive government initiatives, and positive environmental impact, contributing significantly to the global organic market.

Eco-friendly Product Stores

Are you passionate about the environment? If so, running an eco-friendly retail boutique could be perfect for your 2023 business venture. Offer a variety of environmentally friendly products such as reusable bags, compostable tableware, or upcycled furniture. The key here is to source reliable and sustainable products that customers love. Just like ECOBAGS founded by Sharon Rowe, you, too, can make a significant impact. With the expected growth of sustainable goods to around $150 billion by 2021 in the U.S. alone, the opportunity for retailers is huge! Remember, both your profits and the planet will thank you. So shall we join the wave of change and open our eco-friendly retail store in 2023? Green is the new black!

Supporting local, eco-friendly small businesses in India intertwines vital economic, environmental, and social benefits:

Bookkeeping plays a crucial role in tracking and documenting economic contributions.

- MSMEs contribute 30% of India's GDP and 48% to exports, underscoring their economic significance.

- They stimulate local economies, ensuring job creation and innovation.

Environmental Impact There are many ways to reduce the environmental impact of our daily activities. One effective method is to use templates when creating documents, such as reports or presentations. Templates provide a framework that can be easily followed, allowing us to save time and resources while ensuring consistency in our work. By using templates, we can minimize waste and promote sustainability in our practices. So, let's start incorporating templates into our workflow and make a positive impact on the environment.

- India, as the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter, necessitates a pivot towards sustainable practices.

- Local businesses typically have reduced supply chains, minimizing transportation emissions.

Social and Community Advantages include flexibility, which allows individuals to adapt and adjust to changing circumstances.

- Local businesses often reinvest within the community and support local causes.

- They contribute to the community's identity and social well-being.

Encouraging Sustainable Living

- In a nation with 22 of the world’s most polluted cities, advocating for eco-friendly products is imperative.

- Supporting green businesses, including accounting for their impact on the environment, propels a shift towards sustainable living, aligning with environmental conservation.

In a nutshell, championing local, eco-friendly businesses in India is pivotal for economic growth, environmental protection, and community development, guiding the nation towards a sustainable future.


Making the Final Decision

You've seen potential, you have the ideas, but making the final decision about starting a graphic design business can be tough. What’s important is finding a business that not only promises profitability but also aligns with your passion and skills. Ask yourself, "Am I ready to invest time, effort, and possibly some money into this graphic design business?" Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Success needs patience and hard work. But with consistency and dedication, you can transform any business, including a graphic design business, into a lucrative venture. So, let's make a choice and ride the entrepreneurial wave in 2023! Ready to realize your graphic design business dream? Let's do it together!

Next Steps After Deciding

Once you've decided on your app development business, start planning. Draft a business plan outlining your vision, goals, target audience, and marketing strategy for your app development business. Set a budget, determine your business structure, and register it. Choose software if you need it. Create a bank account for your app development business to segregate personal and business finances. If your idea is home-based, consider setting up a home office. With everything in place, it's time to get to work and turn that dream of your app development business into reality! Remember, the secret to getting ahead is getting started. So, take the first step in your entrepreneurial journey with your app development business! Ready to take the leap? Let's jump!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the easiest business to start?

Answering what's "easiest" can be tricky as it varies depending on one's skills and resources. However, typically, online-based businesses such as blogging, reselling, or freelance writing are considered easy to start. They require minimal startup costs and can often be managed remotely. Other options include home-based services like tutoring or pet sitting. Remember, though, that "easy" doesn't necessarily translate to "instant success." So, find what suits you best and prepare to put in the work. Ready to find your easy? Let's explore!

How can I start my own business with no money?

Starting a business with no money may seem challenging, but it's possible. You could start offering services based on skills you already have, like teaching, writing, or consulting. Alternatively, opt for digital businesses such as blogging or affiliate marketing which require minimal investment. Implementing an effective SEO strategy, which involves optimizing your website and content for search engines, is another way to drive traffic to your website and attract potential customers. Crowdfunding or bootstrapping are other ways too.

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