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New rules applied in GST increase tension for businessman

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New rules applied in GST increase tension for businessman

GST rules

New rules applied in GST increase tension for businessman

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Due to the changes within the Goods and Services Tax law (GST) rules, the strain of traders has increased. They’re unable to know what to try to now because, by the 11th of each month, it’s been made mandatory for GST registered traders to register with GST. The ITC claim of businessmen not doing so will grind to a halt then the difficulty will continue increasing.

CA Jai Pradhwani of Varanasi said that if the trader doesn’t file GSTR-One on time, then the merchants to whom he sold the products won’t get the advantage of input decrease ie ITC.

The last date for filing GSTR-One has been kept on the subsequent 11th of each month. For traders whose annual sales are quite 1.50 crores during 2019-20 or 2020-21, it’s mandatory to file all the knowledge associated with the sale of January by GSTR-One by February 11, otherwise, the merchants to whom it’s sold the products, ITC Will need to be bereft of.
On the opposite hand, for those whose annual sales are quite 1.50 crores and annual sales are but 1.50 crores, the last date has been fixed for the 13th of the subsequent month.

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He said that this move of the govt would make the businessmen initially face difficulties. But now fake billing and wrongly taking ITC are going to be curbed. At an equivalent time, the Purvanchal in-charge of CAT, Akhilesh Mishra said that thanks to the new provisions of GST, thanks to non-updating of bills on behalf of the dealer in time, there could also be problems for sellers. Because it’s possible thanks to the server and network problem.

Jalaun On behalf of the Commercial Tax Department, the camp was found out at Old Galla Mandi in Jwalaganj and appealed to the shopkeepers to register in GST.

The traders were registered by fixing a camp at Purani Galla Mandi in Jwalaganj. During this era, Assistant Commissioner of Trade Tax Ajay Kumar enumerated the benefits of registering GST. Said that there’s an answer scheme for little and medium traders up to 1.5 crores annual turnover limit. A merchant accident insurance scheme of Rs 10 lakh is applicable for registered traders, that no premium is charged. Zero purchase is that the facility of filing sales-related returns through SMS. Hence traders can avail of these schemes by registering in GST. During this, businessman Zaid Siddiqui got GST registration. On this occasion, Rajiv Kumar Tiwari, Avinash Mishra Advocate, Ashutosh Shrivastava, Vishal Gupta, businessman Ramji Aggarwal, Himanshu Agarwal, Raju Chaurasia, etc.

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