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A Complete Guide to Khanan Prahari App

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A Complete Guide to Khanan Prahari App

Khanan Prahari App Features

A Complete Guide to Khanan Prahari App

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In a country like India, illegal mining is considered a genuine problem. It is not only damaging natural resources but is also against of environment.

Coal Mining is a main source of livelihood for those poor families who are living near coal belts. However, they shouldn’t depend on illegal coal mining for their sustenance.

Coal Mining


Hence, the Indian Government took strong action against this problem and introduced Khanan Prahari App. This app helps to detect and report illegal activity regarding coal mining such as rat hole mining, stealing, etc.

The Indian government wants to save national resources. The government also wants to upgrade the condition of local people living near the coal belts.

A Brief Introduction to Khanan Prahari App

The Union Minister of Coal, Railways, Finance, and Corporate Affairs, Shri Piyush Goyal introduced CMSMS and Mobile Application ‘Khanan Prahari’. The App has been created by CMPDI, Ranchi. We will talk about CMSMS later in this blog.

CMPDI stands for Central Mine Planning and Design Institute. It is a Supplementary of CIL* and BISAG*.

  • CMSMS: Coal Mine Surveillance and Management System
  • *CIL: Coal India Limited
  • BISAG: Bhaskarcharya Institute of Space Application anD Geo-informatics

The basic platform used in the Khanan Prahari App is the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeiTY). This app is regarded as a move of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi towards utilising space science for peaceful activities.

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Working of Khanan Prahari App

Users can register unlawful coal mining activity to the concerned authorities through this app. They need to complain about the area of an incident with 100 metres buffer.

Users can provide geo-tagged photographs of the incident directly to the system. You can provide textual information too. Satellite data and information from humans both are used to capture information on illegal activities of mining.

Khanan Prahari App


The Nodal Officers control and take action related to any kind of report. Users can track their complaints with the help of the system. The identity of the users who complained shall not be revealed.

Features of Coal Mining

  • Transparency

Free access is provided to the public.

  • Independent and Fair

The system is based on data from satellites.

  • Follow-up

At different steps, action taken on triggers will be followed up.

  • Deterrence Effect

Surveillance system using space technology.

  • Quicker Response

The coal mining areas are monitored regularly.

How to Use Khanan Prahari App?

You will find this app is on both OS. To use it on your Android mobile phone, download it from Play Store. In the case of iOS, you can install this app on App Store. The rest of the process of using the app is the same in both Android and iOS.

  • Open the app from your menu.
  • The app will send you OTP.
  • When you enter OTP, a page will display on your screen.
  • The screen will show you 4 options- Complain, Track Your Status, Mines GIS Map, and Google Map.

What is CMSMS?

The main objective of CMSMS is to monitor unlawful coal mining. It also takes action against the illegal mining of coals.

CMSMS is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) application. The location of illegal mines can be detected with the help of this application.

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There are two different ways in which CMSMS reports or identifies illegal coal mining. The first method is repeated satellite scanning.

The second one is through the data provided by liable citizens. The citizen can provide data with the help of the ‘Khanan Prahari’ application.

GST Suvidha Kendra


So if you’re living in a coal belt area and are seeing any wrong thing, you can complain about it. This app is accessible and user-friendly.

Take benefit of this app and make our nation, India a safer place and work towards saving our natural resources!

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