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A Complete Process for Registering in CSCs

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A Complete Process for Registering in CSCs

A Complete Process for Registering in CSCs

A Complete Process for Registering in CSCs

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Common Service Centres (CSC) is an initiative of the Government of India in support of the National E-Governance Plan (NEGP).

It is the access point for delivering essential public utility services, healthcare, social welfare schemes, etc. CSC mainly focuses on rural areas.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Registration of CSC.

Background of Common Service Centre

This scheme was established by the Ministry of Electronic and Information on 16 July 2009. CSC Scheme is one of the vital factors for the National eGovernance Programme.

There are many points to know about CSC Scheme. This Scheme works as BPO in rural India. This scheme is introduced to promote the villagers. To learn more about the feature and objectives of this scheme, read Common Service Centre Program.

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The Process of Registration in CSCs

To register in CSCs, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit this link
  2. To continue the process of registration, feed your number. The number you entered must be valid. From the given dropdown, select the application’s type.
The Process of Registration in CSCs

For instance, you can choose the options like banking, FPO, PMKSK, etc.


Enter the captcha and hit submit button.

NOTE: Your given mobile number and email will be used for any conversation till the creation of the CSC ID. To register for multiple CSC IDs, multiple mobile numbers are needed.

 3. The next step is authentication. For this, you need a Virtual ID (VID).

VID is an alternate 16-digit random number linked with the Aadhaar number. It can be cancelled. From VID, it is impossible to derive the Aadhaar number. To generate or retrieve your VID, click here.

4. Once the authentication process is successful a form will appear on the screen. Fill this app and submit.

5. You’ll get an acknowledgement number at the end of the registration process for future reference. You’ll also receive an acknowledgement email for the completion of your form.

6. Download a copy of your application form. Submit the form to the nearest District Manager. You’ll find the District Manager in the office of CSC. You need to submit a copy of the PAN Card, cancelled cheque/passbook, and applicant image).

Documents Required for the Registration of CSCs

  • The photograph of the applicant
  • The copy of the educational certificate of the applicant (maximum qualification)
  • Proof of Address
  • Any type of proof of identity
  • PAN Card Copy
  • Cancelled copy of the cheque
  • CSC Centre Photos (Inside and Outside)

How do I See the Status of the Application for Registration?

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What can I do if the CSCs Related Application is Rejected?

No one can do anything if your application gets rejected. You need to analyse the reason behind the rejection of the application and apply again.

Note: This is very essential to know that the CSC centre registration application is free of cost. So do not pay any fees or money to anybody for the process of registration. Share this information with your friends.

CSCs Related Application

Contact Details for Assistance

In case you need any help, here are the contact details. Please contact the given address for any kind of help.

Number: 1800 3000 3468

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