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Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service: An Initiative To Make Tax Paying Easy

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Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service: An Initiative To Make Tax Paying Easy

Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service

Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service: An Initiative To Make Tax Paying Easy

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Aaykar Setu is believed to be the Most Significant Achievement of the Income Tax Department (ITD). It was introduced to communicate with the taxpayers directly. It provides tax information and useful tax services at the fingertips.

In July 2017, this app was introduced by the Ministry of Finance. Former Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley launched this app. This app is a segment of the Digital India initiative. It follows apps like ePathshala, MyGov, and Digi Locker.

Aaykar Setu Taxpayer


To know the use and working of this app, read this blog:

About Aaykar Setu Taxpayer

The word ‘Aaykar’ means Taxpayer and ‘Setu’ means Bridge. This app acts as a bridge between the taxpayer and the government. The Aaykar Setu app helps users to pay taxes. The app is available free of cost on Play Store and App Store.

What does it Offer?

In a single module, this app offers various facilities. This includes live chats, dynamic updates, tax tools, and important links to different processes within the ITD.

The taxpayer is capable of receiving routine updates related to necessary tax dates. He/she will get notifications on mobile numbers registered with ITD.

Aaykar Setu App


This app will help you to file taxes on your own. With the aid of the Aaykar Setu app, you are able to file your taxes independently. This app is easy to use. Even old people can use it.

Feature of Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service

  • This service sends you reminders of Tax dates and forms for various purposes.
  • On your mobile number, you’ll get SMS alerts. Your mobile number should be registered with this app.
  • This app offers services like tax payment, grievance redressal, a guide to viewing TDS details, refund applications, and many more.
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Use of Aaykar Setu Taxpayer Service

Ask IT

In a few minutes, your queries will be resolved through a chatbot. You can seek help related to PAN, TDS, TAN, and tax payments.

Live Chat

This app offers you the facility of Live Chat. In this live chat, a tax expert will answer your queries.

Live Chat

Tax Performance System (TPS)

You can quickly locate the nearby TPS offices through this app.

Tax Tools

It uses a fast way to calculate the tax amount.


It helps to find out the nearest Tax Return Preparer.


This tool helps you to apply for PAN online.

Tax Payment

This tool helps to pay taxes online.

Tax Gyaan

If you want to learn about income tax then this tool is for you. The users are asked Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and they need to choose the correct answer from four possible choices given.

Tax Gyaan

For this, the user needs to enter their email ID and Name.

enter their email ID

In Layman’s language, it is a game where the users can play this game according to their levels. There are four levels namely Beginners, Difficult, Hard, and Normal.

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Layman’s language

How to Access the Service?

Taxpayers can easily access the Aaykar Setu app on Android and iOS. Users can also download this application in various ways.

  • On the website of the Income Tax Department, there is a QR code. Scan it and download it.
  • Visit App Store and Playstore, & search “Aaykar Setu”. Install Aaykar Setu on your mobile.
  • You can call +91-7306525252. The IT department will send an SMS. There is an installation link in this SMS. Click the link to install and download Aaykar Setu Taxpayer App.

Another such app is GST Suvidha Kendra® wherein you can pay taxes. This platform will not only help you in filing your taxes, but this is a great business opportunity. You can start your GST Suvidha Kendra® along with your existing business. Students, shopkeeper, and housewife can start their businesses with the help of this platform and can earn wealthy amounts.


It’s a new and revolutionary step in the field of the tax-paying system. This app directly communicates with the taxpayers. It provides a diverse range of information, helpful tax tools, and live chats. Overall, it makes the process of tax filing easy for us.

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