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All about cVIGIL App

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All about cVIGIL App

All about cVIGIL App

All about cVIGIL App

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In the election there are numerous chances of electoral fraud. Also, there is a huge violation of Model Code of Conduct. To ensure free and fair elections, an app was formed. It was called cVIGIL App.

“cVIGIL stands for vigilator Citizens.”

It is an investigator app that allows field teams to investigate incidents of violation. The app is based on real time input by citizens’ mobile phones. It enables the citizens to submit complaints on MCC violations on the principle of the GIS technology system. Through this app, officers can navigate the incident location & take quick actions.

Note: The MCC violations refers to Model Code of Conduct & Expenditure Violation.

The cVIGIL investigator app is put in service at the time of election. This app is accessible by the following-

  1. Video surveillance team
  2. Reserve force or staff
  3. MCC enforcement squad, &
  4. Field team which includes Flying Squad Unit.

cVIGIL investigator app

What are the problems in the present system of voting?

The problems in the present system of voting are-

  1. Indian citizens delay reporting on MCC violations.
  2. Lack of a channel to transmit information and track complaints.
  3. Absence of reported incidence in the mode of videos or photos.
  4. Inadequate robust report system.
  5. Escape of culprits to get detected from the action squads.
  6. Improper or false reporting.

To resolve the above problem, cVIGIL App is used for fast redressal systems.

What are the perks you will possess from the cVIGIL app?

You will possess the following perks from the cVIGIL app:

  1. User-friendly and convenient app. It allows citizens to send pictures of the evidence.
  2. Track and analyze each report of the incident. It is done from start to end point.
  3. Track and verify the wrong doers location.

What are the steps for signing in the app?

The steps for signing in the app are as follows-

  1. Install the cVIGIL app.
  2. Put your mobile number on the space provided.
  3. Press the “Send OTP” button.
  4. Fill the space with the OTP received on your number.
  5. If you are an inspector, you need to put a pre-shared pin given by the civil officer.

After installing the app, make sure your phone has GPS access, camera, and high speed internet connection. You will not need to hustle to register a complaint on MCC violation.

What are the things a user can report through the cVIGIL app?

The Election Commission of India has provided a list that includes 15 things. A user can report about all the below mentioned things-

  1. Liquor distribution
  2. Paid news
  3. Money distribution
  4. Display of bullying or firearms
  5. Property damage
  6. Public rallies transportation
  7. Posters not having a mandatory declaration
  8. Campaign at the time of restricted period
  9. Community or religious messages
  10. Usage of speakers ahead of permitted time
  11. Banners and posters without authority
  12. Coupons or Gift distribution
  13. Voters transportation on polling day
  14. Campaigning not outside the 200 meters of polling booth
  15. Participants or vehicles not having the permission

How to use the cVIGIL app for complaint registration?

You can use the cVIGIL app for complaint registration through the following process-

  1. Install the cVIGIL app or login on to
  2. Enter your registration details or login in as anonymous.
  3. Choose the model code of conduct from the list.
  4. Take a video or photo of the incident and upload it under the violation category.
  5. File a description of the incident.
  6. Click on the submit button.

Note: You can only upload one photo per incident. Also, the app accepts videos of maximum 2 minutes.The app does not enable the users to attach stored videos or photos.

How cVIGIL have integrated modules?

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The cVIGIL have integrated modules as it includes the following-

1. Investigator App

The cVIGIL Investigator App is designed for flying squads.

This app enables the field team to make immediate inspections of MCC violation. The inspection is based on the user’s input access on their mobile in real time. GIS map is available for field teams to ensure real time location of flying squads.

2. Monitor App

The CEO, DEO & ECI officials can access the cVIGIL Monitor App. They can view all the complaints of MCC on their mobile phones. The App has a feature to highlight the provision of the case. It can be as VIP, urgent, etc.

3. Citizen App

The citizens can apply an eminent role in free and fair conduction of an election. cVIGIL Citizen App enables them to provide live reports of the MCC incidents. It should be given within minutes after observing the incident.

4. Observer App

The police observer, General observer & Expenditure observer can view MCC violation complaints. It can be through cVIGIL Observer App. They can handle the complaints through their mobile phones. The observer can find the location of the incident and drive through this app.

5. Decider Dashboard

The Returning Officer(RO) can operate the cVIGIL decider dashboard. He/She can view all the incident information shared by the observer and field squad. Later on, he/she can provide the case review.

This review is sent to the complainant who has submitted the case.

6. DCC Dashboard

The District Election Officer accesses the cVIGIL DCC Dashboard. It allows them to monitor all the registered cases. They can edit, credit and update the Field Squad team.

The District Collector can check the report as per Assembly constituency. He/ She can also assign new cases to the field unit.

Note: If the cases are found to be unrelated or duplicate, he/she can drop the case.


cVIGIL has become a powerful integrated ICT software of Election Commission of India. This software, as a tool, is used by Indian citizens at the time of elections. It is also used as an application of model code of conduct.

The cVIGIL is a mode to resolve problems for complaints during elections. It uses incidence location and proof to act upon.

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