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All About Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

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All About Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

All About Non-Creamy Layer Certificate

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Our country India consists of different cultures and classified caste systems. Due to the caste classification, many people are not able to take benefit from all the facilities given by the governments of India. Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (SC & ST) people go through social and economic backwardness.

To provide all the facilities to SC & ST people, the Government of India has launched schemes like Dr Ambedkar Scheme for Inter-Caste Marriages. Students who belong to SC &ST castes can take age exemption in various government competitive exams. To take the age exemption, it is mandatory to have a Non-creamy layer certificate.

To understand a Non-Creamy layer certificate, let us first understand about the Creamy layer and Non-Creamy layer.

What is a creamy layer?

The creamy layer refers to those SC & ST people who have academic classifications like high school degrees or equivalent.

In India, SCs and STs are considered as backward classes. Families with annual income above 8 lakhs come under the creamy layer. This layer occupies a respected position in Indian society on the basis of their educational qualification.

While in the case of the non-creamy layer does not get that respect. Let’s understand in detail about the non-creamy layer.

What is a Non-creamy layer?

The Non-creamy layer refers to the backward class. Whether they have educational or academic qualifications it’s not like a high school degree. As per the government notification, it includes castes and tribes which are backwards in the criteria. It’s also called the “Other Backward class”.

Difference:- Creamy layer and Non-Creamy layer

The main difference between the creamy layer and the non-creamy layer are as follows:-

Creamy layer and Non-Creamy layer

About the Non-creamy layer certificate

Former Indian Prime Minister, V. P. Singh introduced the NCL certificate back in 1993. This certificate is also referred to as an “Other backwards-class certificate”.

For the certificate holders, a part of jobs was assigned in public sectors and central governments with the execution of this certificate. Non-creamy layer certificate candidates can take admissions in top institutions like IIT & IIM. In the competitive exams, NCL certificate candidates will get some percentage and age relaxation.

Go to the nearby Tehsil or the Revenue office of the concerned state government to apply for a Non-creamy layer certificate.

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Eligibility to apply a Non-Creamy layer certificate

To apply for Central Government jobs and competitive exams, it is mandatory to have an NCL certificate. OBC certificate is valid for only 1 year from the issuing date.

To apply non-creamy layer certificate, the following are the eligibility criteria:-

  • Applicants should be Indian residents
  • Acceptance of the applicant under a non-creamy layer
  • In the case of husband and wife, if the parents of the wife do not have any income source, she can apply for the certificate.
  • Carrying an OBC certificate is mandatory.
  • If both or any one of the parents works under group C or D, under the central government.
  • If both or any one of the parents work under groups II, III or IV, under the state governments.


  1. According to caste certificates, those OBC categories can’t apply for certificates that all are under BC & MBC but not under the Central Government.
  2. Parents are not eligible who work under group A, like IAS, IPS and IFS.
  3. Parents are not eligible who work under Group B or C of the central government
  4. Parents with annual income above 8 lacks are not eligible.

Documents required to apply for a Non-creamy layer certificate

To apply for the Non-Creamy layer certificate followings documents are required:-

  • Proof of residency (permanent resident certificate)
  • OBC certificate issued by tehsildar
  • Income proof of parents
  • Passport size photograph
  • Ration card
  • Community certificate


  • Printing charges:- Rs 10/- (free for senior citizens)
  • Scanning charges:- Rs 5/- (free for senior citizens)
  • Service charges:- Rs 30/-
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How to apply for a Non-creamy layer certificate?

Online procedure to apply for a Non-creamy layer certificate:-

Step 1:- Open the social welfare portal of a particular state
Step 2:- Then go to create an account.
Step 3:- Now click “Apply for caste certificate”
Step 4:- Fill up the application form with the details required
Step 5:- Upload documents and submit
Step 6:- You will receive an application ID to track your certificate status
Step 7:- Download the certificate from the portal, after verification

Offline procedure to apply for Non-creamy layer certificate:-

Step 1:- From a nearby tahsil, collect an application form
Step 2:- Fill out the form with the details
Step 3:- In the absence of the father, provide the caste certificate of the blood relative’s
Step 4:- Provide self-attested documents with signature
After verification, you will receive the certificate within 30-35 days from the submission date.

How to check the Non-creamy layer certificate status?

  • Go to the official website of the particular state
  • Click the option of NCL certificate status
  • Enter the application ID number
  • Application status will display on the screen

Note – The process and availability may differ depending on the state or union territory to check the application status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fail to submit NCL certificate?

Applying for government jobs, competitive exams, admission to institutes, and other opportunities, this certificate is required for backwards-class candidates. If you are not able to submit your OBC-NCL certificate, it means that you are not able to take the advantages or available reservations for OBC-NCL.

How to update the Non-creamy layer certificate?

To update the Non-creamy layer certificate, hold your old certificate to a stamp vendor at your nearby tehsil. Submit all the necessary documents required. It will take 30-40 days to renew the NCL certificate after applying and Tehsildar will issue the certificate.

Whom to contact to apply for a Non-creamy layer certificate?

As mentioned above, to apply for a NCL certificate contact the nearby Tehsildar or the Revenue office of the concerned state government.

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What is the limit for the NCL certificate in Tamilnadu?

The limit is an annual income of up to Rs. 8 lacks for non-creamy layer status in Tamilnadu. The limit can change according to government policies and recommendations.

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