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All about Rail Madad App

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All about Rail Madad App

Rail Madad App

All about Rail Madad App

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Indian Railway is Asia’s largest rail network. As per rail info, almost 2.5 crore passengers travel daily around the country. There are high chances that the passenger may face problems related to station or train facilities. It won’t be possible for them to file complaints during the journey.

Therefore, Indian Railway planned to fully digitalize the complaint management system. They launched an app- “Rail Madad-A Grievance Redressal Mechanism” in 2018.

This app is a one-stop solution to address grievances and complaints. The app enables the daily travelers to lodge their complaints. They can check the complaint response on a real-time basis.

Rail Madad App

What is RPGRAMS?

The RPGRAMS stands for Railway Passenger Grievance Redressal and Management System. This system is developed by the Northern Railway (Delhi Division). It allows the passengers to easily register complaints via mobile app/web.

What are the crucial features of the Rail Madad app?

The crucial features of the Rail Madad app are-

  • Lodge complaints through four platforms of Rail Madad. These platforms are
    1. Website,
    2. Application,
    3. Helpline 139 and
    4. SMS.
  • Track complaints on all platforms of Rail Madad.
  • Instantly register a complaint with a passenger’s unique ID.
  • Display various helpline numbers for immediate assistance.
  • Support attachment of documents for feedback or complaints.
  • Complaint should be written within 1000 characters of a word.
  • Use PNR or UTS number to lodge complaints. The PNR can be used within 5 days after boarding time.
  • Hierarchy based reports will be available for the manager. It will be at Zonal/Division/Railway board level.
  • No changes can be made to the complaint once submitted by the complainant.

Note: There are in total 14 online and offline modes to file a complaint. These modes are integrated in one single platform.

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How Rail Madad is a citizen centric app?

The Rail Madad has the following-

  1. Ease of travel- A single portal for enquiry & complaint. It is for all customers of the railway.
  2. Digital India- Linked with UTS, NTES, etc.
  3. Easy to access- Available in 12 languages.
  4. Easy to register complaints- Minimal inputs by complainant.
  5. Redressal on fast forward- Sent a complaint to the field unit.
  6. Empowerment- Citizen agreement.
  7. Liability- Unique CRN, feedback, check status, etc.

What are the types of complaints a passenger can lodge on the app?

A passenger can register-

  • Train complaints

Complaint registration in train includes the following:

  1. Medical help
  2. Coach cleanliness
  3. Maintenance of coach
  4. Electronic equipments
  5. Security
  6. Behavior of staff
  7. Blackmailing
  8. Various other complaints, etc.
  • Station complaints

Complaint registration on the station includes the following:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Availableness of water
  3. Vending and catering services
  4. Refund of tickets
  5. Security
  6. Inquiry office
  7. Staff behavior, etc.

What is the e-enablement of Rail Madad?

The Rail Madad system has enabled the passengers with an e-system. He/She can provide suggestions and complaints through it.

The passenger can follow the below process-

1. Access to Rail Madad

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The RailMadad app can be accessed via web, app, call at 139, etc.

2. Record the complaint

You can register the complaint. The system is fully supported by the drop-down menu with other options.

The customer can write down the complaint at a text box provided on the app. In addition, the customer can talk directly to the customer care executive that is139. After registration of a complaint, the customer receives a unique CRN. This CRN is generated digitally & sent directly to customers via text or email.

3. Auto alert to field unit

The customer can select

  • Sub-head,
  • Head and
  • Field unit,

This will provide an auto alert to the field unit for making immediate action.

4. Automatic rise to concerned officer

The complaint is systematically forwarded to the active officer. It is in the case if the customer complaint is not revised by the concerned Divisional Controlled Center.

5. Add additional information

The additional information or interim conversation uses the same mode in which the customer lodges the complaint. This is fully enabled in an electronic way.

6. Conclusion of complaint

The termination of a complaint is done via the app system. Moreover, the complainant gets the confirmation on the device/mode through which he lodges the complaint.

7. Feedback

A system generated email/SMS is sent to the applicant after the resolution of the complaint. This email/SMS is e-enabled to get complainant feedback on the complaint redressal.

8. Create MIS

All the information of the management resides on the system. This information is accessible to the PF managers.

What is the method to register a complaint on the Rail Madad?

complaint on the Rail Madad

The method to register a complaint on the Rail Madad app is-

  1. Install or download the app from the iOS Store or Play Store.
  2. Make registration on the app.
  3. Fill up the name and mobile number box and tap on the “Get OTP”.
  4. Authenticate the OTP and tap on “Register”.
  5. The app gets started.
  6. Click on “Register My Complaint For Train”, if you want to make a complaint regarding train issues.
  7. Click on “Register My Complaint For Station”, if you want to make a complaint regarding station issues”.

The process to file a complaint on the Rail Madad via SMS is-

  • Put 139 on the space given next to “TO”.
  • On the text body write “MADAD” SPACE “COMPLAINT”.
  • Click on the send button.

The process to file a complaint on the Rail Madad via web is-

  1. Visit the official website of RailMadad.
  2. Login as a Guest user or create a new account.
  3. Enter OTP obtained on your mobile phone.
  4. Submit a complaint as per your preference.

Note: The Rail Madad app displays Railway helpline numbers. They are as follows-

 Railway helpline numbers


Rail Madad app is a grievance solution app. The Ministry of Railway sets up this app for the passengers to take desired assistance during travel. They can lodge complaints and check the real-time status of complaints.

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