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BJP should also tell about the deteriorating financial condition within the country thanks to demonetisation and GST

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BJP should also tell about the deteriorating financial condition within the country thanks to demonetisation and GST

demonetisation and GST

BJP should also tell about the deteriorating financial condition within the country thanks to demonetisation and GST

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Criticizing the live video and virtual rally within the social media of the Bharatiya Janata Party and therefore the statements of former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, District Congress spokespersons duo Rafiq Siddiqui and Shishir Dwivedi said that the achievements of the Modi government, demonetisation and GST have deteriorated within the country aside from the economic situation and therefore the failure to stop the present-day corona infection, there’s nothing but depression, rising unemployment, rising inflation within the country.

The face of the Modi government, which has come to power by making false promises of excellent days, has been exposed. The BJP government had promised to offer farmers a support price of 1 and a half times the value price as recommended by the Swaminathan Committee 6 years ago, Which I couldn’t complete even after 6 years. Today, at a time when the worth of petroleum is at a coffee level, the burden of inflation is being increased by increasing the costs of petroleum products from the general public.

The people of the country are groaning today, the neighbouring countries are beginning to show their eyes, a friendly country like Nepal is additionally trying to separate its path. Democracy is being strangled by greed, fear, and power by misusing power on the idea of rights derived from democracy, while on the opposite hand constitutional traditions are being snapped.

Another failure of the Modi government in the middle has resulted in additional than 3 lakh corona infected. By removing public attention from the burning problems with the country, the pockets of their corporate friends are being filled. Dr.Raman Singh is pertaining to the Congress manifesto, Congress, fulfilling the guarantees of its manifesto, gave 25 hundred rupees per quintal of farmers’ paddy. 50 percent rebate on 400 unit electricity bill, raised the quality bag of Tendupatta from 25 hundred rupees to 4 thousand rupees, fulfilled the guarantees by taking many public beneficial decisions like returning the stripped land of tribals during BJP rule, And those who falsely promised a bonus of 5 years to the farmers are talking about the topic of that bonus.

Congress has promised to offer a bonus of two years which wasn’t given during the rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party, but the manifesto isn’t for 15 months. it’s 5 years. Despite the economic activity was zero thanks to Corona infection, Bhupesh government has provided financial help to the farmers through the justice scheme.

The farmers of the state have full faith within the Bhupesh government. The remaining amount of Rs. 25 hundred is additionally to tend within the month of August. Why the BJP government didn’t give a bonus to farmers for two years. During the BJP’s term, rather than giving bonuses to farmers, Chinese mobiles were bought at 3 times the speed and earned double commission.

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