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Businessmen protest against GST Assistant Commissioner

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Businessmen protest against GST Assistant Commissioner

GST Assistant Commissioner

Businessmen protest against GST Assistant Commissioner

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It is noteworthy that a couple of days ago a businessman of the town alleged that he was assaulted and tortured on behalf of the officials of GST office. At an equivalent time, the GST officers were also accused of obstructing the govt work against the BJP worker. Complaints in both cases were made to the Urban Estate police headquarters. At an equivalent time, the department says that the department and police administration are taking their own activities during this matter.

These leaders said that Pawan Asrava, the district head within the business and grain market, said that till the Assistant Commissioner is dismissed, they’re going to continue the dharna. He said that hooliganism is being spread by the authorities and traders are being harassed illegally and demanding money. He said that a lot of traders have come to note within the grain market.

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said that Tarun Jain said that the govt is being harassed on behalf of the officials engaged within the GST branch. Tax is additionally being paid by traders. Despite this, traders are being treated indecently. Tarun Jain said that a lot of times, there could also be a delay from the merchant in filling GST or any quite tax. This doesn’t mean that the businessman should be treated abusively.

BJP worker Kamal Kishore denied the allegations
Businessman and BJP activist Kamal Kishore said that the delegation of traders had met officials in Rohtak. Here traders were also complained about harassment by the officials of GST department. Kamal Kishore said that each one the businessmen are being harassed on behalf of the officials of GST department,But many traders aren’t coming forward thanks to fear. When any FIR is lodged against them, all will begin openly. At an equivalent time, Kamal Kishore denied the charge and said that the time of GST office is until 6 pm and he entered that office at 6.5 pm. In such a situation, he didn’t interrupt any quite government work. He said that a false case has been filed against him. within the case, tire trader Jitendra and scrap trader Sunil and Saket have also been accused of indecent behaviour and bribes by Assistant Commissioner Sachin Ahlawat and other staff. At an equivalent time, the matter caught fire when there was talk about a fight against GST officials by businessman Puneet.

Strict steps are going to be taken if action isn’t taken, the
the complainant and businessman Jitendra said that if no action is taken during this matter on Wednesday, then there’ll be a sit-in at the office of Assistant Commissioner of GST on Thursday from Tosham Road. Even after this, if action isn’t taken then first the merchants of the town will close their shops then the matter is going to be taken to the national level.

An administrative officer didn’t reach the ambulance stuck within the jam, 16 CCTV cameras, the urban estate station in-charge Sadanand told that the statement of businessman Jitendra was to be made today but couldn’t be done thanks to any reason. At an equivalent time, 16 CCTVs of the GST office are captured within the case, which is being investigated. within the CCTV that has been investigated thus far, only people are seen standing.

The government talks about social distancing under COVID 19. At an equivalent place, the snare of social distance rule was seen flying. At an equivalent time, many of us also hung masks for mere show. No administrative officer reached the spot during the strike. Alam has been that there’s a traffic police booth ahead of the dharna site, but the holdup wasn’t being handled by the police here. An ambulance was also stuck during a jam.

The matter is additionally being investigated by the officials of the GST department. we’ve also had complaints from many traders. An investigation by the police goes on within the case.

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