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Central GST caught fake fraud worth Rs 1500 crore in Hisar and Fatehabad

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Central GST caught fake fraud worth Rs 1500 crore in Hisar and Fatehabad

Central GST

Central GST caught fake fraud worth Rs 1500 crore in Hisar and Fatehabad

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Central GST (Goods and Services Tax) has caught fraud worth Rs 1500 crore in Hisar and Fatehabad. GST was first stolen by buying gift cards from banks then after selling the cardboard, it also broke crores of rupees for refunds and commissions on card sales. All documents were fake. within the case, 950 mobile phones and 29 thousand SIM cards kept in sacks were found from the house of a supplier of gift cards from Bhattu in Fatehabad. Not only this, thousands of IDs were recovered.

At present, the names of seven firms are revealed during this fraud. a couple of days ago, during the investigation of the case of a refund, the investigation started when a fakewara came up. This racket is claimed to be primarily operated from Delhi. The role of banks is additionally under doubt during this case.

Sachin Ahlawat, Assistant Commissioner of the Central GST, Hisar Division, has told that some bank accounts were being investigated. In a number of these accounts, around 1500 crore gift cards were purchased within the last eight-ten months. once they were thoroughly investigated, the entire forgery was revealed. From buying SIM cards to Aadhaar numbers, pen numbers were fake to shop for gift cards. immediately only seven firms and agencies have made this sale and buy. Investigations are likely to extend the firm and amount several times. alongside this, the firms have also been found to be fake.

Central GST officials said that enormous private banks issue gift cards. People involved during this case wont to buy a present card of Rs 10,000 from the bank for Rs 9900 on the idea of faux SIM and ID. These cards were then traded. Further, these cards would be sold to distributors. After this, the distributor either swiped the cardboard himself and took commission or sold it to a firm and swiped it. In whose account the cardboard was swiped, the commission amount would have gone to him. By doing so, it showed both turnover and GST. the whole game ran at a reduction and commission. The special thing is that the gift card is given on an item or service, but during this case neither the products were found nor the service was shown.

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Big breakup during the lockdown

During the lockdown, the case was revealed by a transaction of around Rs 250 crore. this era saw huge sales of petrol and diesel for scooters and cars. The payment of cash from swipe machines was shown with none transaction. Officials related to the investigation said that up to at least one percent of swipes are saved. A swipe of fifty lakh rupees without a transaction would bring five thousand rupees into the account within a couple of minutes. during this way, fake firms also earned crores of rupees from refunds after stealing GST.

Wires connected from Delhi to Dubai

Departmental sources say that an individual reached Hisar GST office complaining about the refund amount. The person concerned in Dubai ships the products. When this account was investigated, about three crore rupees were found to be issued by swiping within the account of the person concerned, while the products weren’t sold. One such person sent goods from Gurugram to Delhi, while applying for refund at Hisar office. The concerned youth was 25–30 years old. The concerned youth appeared to be from a standard family, while in December 2019 he applied for a return of three .19 crore. When the investigation started on suspicion, a Delhi man’s name came up.

Everything are going to be clear after the investigation of the case
The commissioner of Central GST, Rohtak, Vijay Mohan Jain, says that a fake fraud of Rs 1,500 crore has been revealed within the GST. 18% GST was stolen on the entire amount. We are investigating what proportion of fake refund has been taken. Companies also are non-existent. Currently, a GST of Rs 1 crore has been collected. Everything are going to be clear after the investigation of the case.

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