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Chhattisgarh GST Collection increased by 6%

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Chhattisgarh GST Collection increased by 6%

Chhattisgarh GST Collection

Chhattisgarh GST Collection increased by 6%

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Economies are gaining momentum in Chhattisgarh. The latest GST data have once again confirmed this. In Chhattisgarh, there has been an increase of 6 percent in GST collection in August this year as compared to August of last year. The GST collection in the state was Rs 1873 crore in August last year, which has increased to Rs 1994 crore in August. Despite the Corona crisis, the increase in GST collections in the state is a reflection of the policies that the state government has adopted in the economic sector and the decisions taken have given a positive momentum to the state’s economy.

The State Government’s Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana, Gordhan Nyay Yojana, purchase of Tendupatta at a better rate, and increase in prices of small forest produce have directly benefited the villagers, farmers, tribals of the state. Due to this, the economy and market of Chhattisgarh remained dynamic during the corona transition. According to the report released by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, regarding the collection of GST revenue tax in the month of August, there has been a decrease of 8 percent of the GST revenue collection across the country in the month of August, while Chhattisgarh state registered a 6 percent increase in GST revenue collection. Tax country is at number four. The situation of other states of the country is very weak in terms of GST revenue collection in the month of August. In some states, the GST revenue collection has fallen by 59 percent this year compared to the previous year. GST revenue collection in the state of Delhi decreased by 18 percent in August. Similarly, for all states. Have a look list of all states which is given below.

● Madhya Pradesh decreased by 2 percent
● Gujarat 3 percent decreased
● Assam 8 percent decreased
● Orisha 6 percent decreased
● Goa 38 percent decreased
● Kerala 28 percent decreased
● Tamil Nadu 12 percent decreased
● Andhra Pradesh 8 percent decreased
● Karnataka 11 percent decreased
● Telangana 09 Percent decreased

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