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Corona distanced people by filling the council’s health, land tax and GST

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Corona distanced people by filling the council’s health, land tax and GST

tax and GST

Corona distanced people by filling the council’s health, land tax and GST

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While Corona has completely affected public life, it’s also infected the govt treasury. The payment of land tax, GST including Go tax to the town council has also been affected.

While people aren’t showing any interest in getting land tax deposited, shopkeepers also are avoidance from paying GST. Whereas for the last two years, not one rupee deposit has been deposited with the town council. this is often directly impacting the treasury of the town council. Of course, the town council is giving a smooth salary to its attendants within the Corona era, but the continued financially of the town council seems to be weakening.

It is noteworthy that folks haven’t deposited land tax and GST within the city councils from Corona within the current fiscal year. the govt has not been ready to make available funds from GST to the town council, on the opposite hand, the recovery of land tax is affected. Sangrur Nagar Council is facing an equivalent situation. thanks to non-payment of land tax and GST, the workers of the town council are becoming late salary which was earlier available on time. the amount of economic and residential land tax departments is quite four thousand. The tax filing date was June 30 with no penalty and 10% rebate. After this, the last date is 30 September. Till now only about two thousand people have paid taxes, While the remainder of the commercial and residential tax debtors are owed tax. The city council has set a target of two crore rupees for the entire year. From the taxpayer, applications for the forgiveness of widows and disabled people also come. While this point the goal has not been achieved. Shopkeepers slack in filling GST

If we mention GST, 235 firms (shopkeepers, etc.) deposit GST within the council. GST is to be submitted annually from 1 April to 31 March. So far, only 30 firms have deposited GST. If you mention the previous year, the annual GST from commercial tax was raised to Rs 95 thousand 764. If we mention the GST collected till July last year, then the Municipal Council raised GST of Rs 46420, while this point till July only 11266 income has been received from GST, which is a smaller amount by Rs 35154 as compared to the previous year. Simply put, it’s a loss till July this point. Nowadays salary isn’t available on time: District head

The district head of the Safai Sevak Union, Bikram Singh Chawariya alias Vicky, said that since the start of the Corona period, his salary was getting delayed. His salary was earlier available from 1st to 5th, but within the Corona period, his salary is received only after 10th. All the functions of the town council are normal: EO Ramesh Kumar, a military officer of the town council said that folks are paying land tax and GST. Employees also are constantly getting paid. there’s no problem of any kind. those that haven’t yet paid the tax, roll in the hay soon, otherwise, they’re going to notice and take further action.

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