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Demand for extension of annual GST return, a memorandum submitted to Commissioner

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Demand for extension of annual GST return, a memorandum submitted to Commissioner

annual returns of GST

Demand for extension of annual GST return, a memorandum submitted to Commissioner

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Tax advisors and chartered accountants of Madhya Pradesh have sought to increase the deadline for submission of monthly and annual returns of GST. Madhya Pradesh law Bar Association and Commercial Tax Practitioners Association alongside all the associate tax organizations of the state have demanded this from State Tax Commissioner Raghavendra Kumar Singh. By sending a web memorandum to the state tax commissioner, there has been a requirement to increase the last date of GSTR-9 and audit format-9C for the fiscal year 2018-2019 under GST law till 31 March. The deadline is currently New Year’s Eve.

According to Ashwin Lakhotia, President of MP law Bar Association, there are now only nine days left on the last date. Keeping in sight the amount of unanticipated annual returns/audits etc. By the registered taxpayers within the country/state may be a very short time. Before submitting the annual returns, the taxpayer has got to match the info shown within the GSTR-3B and GSTR-1, the monthly returns submitted by him throughout the year with the books of account maintained by him, other business transactions, tax returns etc. is.

It also takes tons of your time to make a comparative table of data shown in GSTR-9 and knowledge in audit format GSTR-9C.

Since the last days, there has been an outsized increase in corona infection altogether major cities of the state. thanks to which, not only the commoner but business, business, tax advisors, governance and administration level, all the work arrangements are disrupted, thanks to which the editing of works is additionally being hampered. In the sight of these circumstances, it becomes necessary to increase the date of GST return. The state has been assured to send the demand during this reference to the GST Council.

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