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Due to regularly change in GST rules businessman facing a lot of problems

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Due to regularly change in GST rules businessman facing a lot of problems

Godda Chamber

Due to regularly change in GST rules businessman facing a lot of problems

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Pritam Gadia, secretary of Godda Chamber of Commerce, who returned from attending the divisional session of the Chamber of Commerce, has said that the central government has not been ready to regularize GST till date. New provisions are announced a day. The govt agencies collecting the GST also appear to be during a state of unease. He said that several possibilities are discussed to accentuate economic activities in Santal Parganas.

There was a special discussion on the chances at the Santal Pargana Divisional Session of Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce held at Deoghar. During this, Federation’s State President Pravin Jain Chhabra honoured Godda Chamber of Commerce with recognition certificate and memento of the session 2020-2021. Pritam Gadia, a lifelong member of the Federation, was honoured by the Federation’s General Secretary Rahul Maru and Divisional vice-chairman Alok Mallik by giving mementoes.

Despite being Asia’s largest coal mines in Godda’s chamber secretary Gadia Godda, Godda has not received any special recognition on the map of India. It’s said that Godda’s identity has been removed by renaming the said coal project as Rajmahal Project. In Jharkhand too, all governments have treated Godda as an experimental place. All kinds of taxes are introduced from Godda.

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Gadia said about GST that the Prime Minister had said before implementing GST that the pre-calculation of GST won’t be taken, But even today, his former account is being investigated by businessmen and that they are being harassed within the name of investigation. After the implementation of GST, about 1000 changes are made thus far and businessmen are becoming worried a day.

Godda has immense potential for brand spanking new business ventures. The govt should simplify the paper process by declaring an industrial area. With the arrival of Adani Power in Godda, the industry also because the hotel etc. business prospects has increased. Several businessmen were present at the divisional session including Mahtab Alam, a member of Godda Chamber.

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