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Government brought petrol, diesel under GST: Congress

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Government brought petrol, diesel under GST: Congress

petrol diesel under GST

Government brought petrol, diesel under GST: Congress

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Congress has demanded to bring petrol and diesel under the products and Services Tax (GST) and to bring the costs of petrol, diesel and LPG to the extent of August 2004. Congress Communications Department chief Randeep Singh Surjewala said during a statement issued here on Sunday that in August 2004, the international market was 40 rupees per barrel, which is out there even today. The advantage of the govt which is earning by selling petroleum posts should even be given to the people of the country.

The said that in August 2004 petrol was priced at Rs 36.81 and diesel was Rs 24.16 per litre while LPG cylinder was available for Rs 261.60 but now petrol, diesel and LPG are being sold for Rs 75.78, Rs 74.03 and Rs 593 respectively. He said that in the last six years, excise duty on petrol and diesel has been increased by Rs 23.78 and Rs 28.37 respectively and within the interest of poor, migrant workers, shopkeepers, farmers, small and medium level businessmen and unemployed fighting back from Corona. Should be taken.

The Congress leader said that folks are struggling for all times within the event of heavy economic recession and epidemic, but the BJP government is profiteering by increasing the costs of diesel and petrol a day. In the last eight days, the costs of petrol and diesel are increased by Rs 4.52 and Rs 4.64 per litre respectively, while the costs of petroleum are very low within the global market.

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