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GST amount should be paid, taking a loan will put a burden on the state wrote by Bupesh Baghel (Chief Minister)

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GST amount should be paid, taking a loan will put a burden on the state wrote by Bupesh Baghel (Chief Minister)

GST amount should be paid

GST amount should be paid, taking a loan will put a burden on the state wrote by Bupesh Baghel (Chief Minister)

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The conflict between Chhattisgarh and therefore the central government are increasing thanks to the payment of the GST amount. In such a situation, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has written a letter to Union minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman raising questions on not being given compensation. The Chief Minister has written within the letter sent on Monday, that the GST amount should be paid. The state has given a choice to take a loan, which can put a burden on the state.

Chief Minister Baghel has further written within the letter, there’s a provision to offer GST compensation every 2 months. Even after four months of the year 2020-21, the compensation amount of 2828 crore rupees has not been received by the government from the govt of India. While the middle has sent a choice to give loans to the government for a discount in GST compensation.

  • The central government has given the choice of taking loans thanks to a reduction in the GST amount for the year 2020-21
  • Chhattisgarh has not received compensation of Rs 2828 crore for four months, there’s a provision to offer in two months

The method of taking centre cess and therefore the state’s debt payment complicated
The Chief Minister said within the letter, as per the constitutional provisions it’s the responsibility of the Central Government to offer the quantity of GST compensation. By taking a loan, its burden will fall on the state. In such a situation, if the centre also pays the quantity, there’ll be uncertainty. Said, Central government will receive cess for GST compensation, and repaying the loan to the state is going to be a sophisticated and unsure process.

The Center should arrange the quantity for payment of GST
CM Bhupesh Baghel has said that it’s not right to require loans of the states to catch up on GST. For this, the central government should arrange the specified amount through its own resources or debt. The Chief Minister said that it’s my opinion. The minister of finance should seriously consider this suggestion. Also, appropriate action should be taken on this.

Commerce Minister Singhdev has given the warning to opt-out of GST
Earlier State, Commerce Minister TS Singhdev has expressed his displeasure during the GST Council meeting. a couple of days ago, he has also warned of the exit of the state from GST by making several tweets. In fact, within the era of Corona crisis, the govt already battling economic challenges is expecting GST compensation in order that the state’s economic situation is often restored.

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