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GST Facilitation Desk: Know Everything About It

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GST Facilitation Desk: Know Everything About It

GST Facilitation Desk

GST Facilitation Desk: Know Everything About It

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From small businesses to business tycoons, everyone knows about GST. Goods and Service Tax (GST) replaced the numerous taxes by the Central and State government.

It is an indirect tax that is used in our country (India) on the supply of products. Another name for indirect tax is a consumption tax.

Goods and Service tax came into existence on 1 July 2017 when the Indian Government implement the One Hundred and First Amendments of the Constitution of India.

With the implementation of GST, a need was felt across the country for the Help Desk. Thus, the government has set up a GST facilitation Centre. It is also known as GST Help Desks or GST Seva Kendra. These centres help businesses with processes like GST Return Filing, GST enrolment, etc.

To know more about GST facilitation Desk, continue to read.

What is GST Help Desk?

It is a single-stop facilitation centre for all things that are related to GST. It was formed under the initiative of GST Seva Kendra by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBEC). The main motto of this Help Desk is to help all businesses.

GST Help Desk


The GST Help Desk is created to help people. There are certain ways by which the GST Help Desk solves the problems of taxpayers.

  • It simplifies the process of GST filing. It removes all the hurdles and harassment that one faces while registering or filing GST.
  • Usually, small businesses can’t afford professionals for GST-related work. This Help Desk brings a great solution to them. It helps them to file their GST registration, GST returns, and EWAY bills.
  • Due to heavy loads, government websites crash sometimes. The GST Help Desk saves you from this.
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The Function of the GST Facilitation Centre

The Help Centre guides with taxation issues. It solves the issues of the newly introduced taxation system. Some of the functions under the GST facilitation centre are as follows:


The government has established the GST Help Desk for those people who need to be made aware of the technology. If you don’t know how to file for GST verification, returns, and registration, this Help Desk will help you. Basically, it helps you in the documentation work.

GST Returns E-filing

Additionally, you’ll get your GST Returns done with the documentation and GST registration procedure through this Help Desk. The facilitation centre helps the business or an individual in filing the Returns. It uploads important documents via its own online account and corresponding credentials.


It helps the taxpayer in the GST refund process. When you pay more tax than the liability, the situation of refund begins. The taxpayer makes a plea through the Help Desk for the process of a refund.

GST Helpdesk: Central Board of Excise and Customs

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) runs the GST facilitation centre in India. CBEC task includes the collection of Custome Duty or Import Tariff, Service Tax, and Central Excise Duty. The other services include Central Excise Commission rates and Central Revenues Control Laboratory.

Here is the Toll-free number that might be helpful for you.

1. GSTN Helpdesk

Toll-free Helpline:1800-1200-232;

2. GSTN Helpdesk


GST Suvidha Kendra

3. GST Suvidha Kendra®

Helpline: 1-800-108-8888

GST Suvidha Kendra® is a profitable business opportunity for businesses and individuals. It is a bright opportunity to earn extra income. You can start GST Suvidha Kendra along with your current business (full-time or part-time). Even drop-out students, businessmen, housewives, or shopkeepers can grab this fantastic opportunity and earn an extra lump sum. It is a recurring income. There are plenty of services that you can offer through this facilitation centre.

GST Facilitation Cell: Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) is responsible for the overall Industrial Policy. It is responsible for the establishment and implementation of promotional and developmental measures for the growth of the industrial sector.

GST Facilitation Cell


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A GST Helpdesk is set up in the station of Industrial Policy and Promotion. It answers all your queries regarding GST.

You can contact them:-

Over the phone: 011-23062379, 23062665
Via email:

The working hour of this cell is between 9:00-5:30 P.M. You can contact them or reach them on working days.

Web page on GST: Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology (MeitY)

To provide complete information to taxpayers, the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology has introduced a website. You can easily get information about Technology Services and Electronics goods through this page. IT companies, entrepreneurs and individuals can get particular feeds from the web page. This page also helps file grievances concerning the implementation of GST.


Thus, the GST Facilitation Desk with the help of growing technology makes GST filing and Returns easy for the taxpayer. For all the work related to GST, the Help Desk is the one-stop centre.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the GST facilitation centre?

The CBEC runs the GST facilitation centres in the country. CBEC stands for Central Board of Excise and Customs. Like any other government service, you can visit GST Facilitation Centre without an appointment.

How much does a GST officer earn in India?

A GST officer in India earns between ₹2.4 Lakhs to ₹5.9 Lakhs. The average salary of a GST officer annually is ₹4.0 Lakhs.

Can I trust GST Facilitation Centre?

You can purely trust on GST Facilitation Centre. It guides taxpayers in the process of cost-free tax filing.

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