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GST fraud in Rourkela, fake account opened within the name of laborers cheating 12 crores

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GST fraud in Rourkela, fake account opened within the name of laborers cheating 12 crores

GST fraud in Rourkela

GST fraud in Rourkela, fake account opened within the name of laborers cheating 12 crores

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GST fraud features long-standing roots within the steel city Rourkela. Within the city of Rourkela alone quite 1,500 crores of frauds are committed. So far, seven GST scams have cheated the jail by cheating crores. While two named accused are absconding. Employees and officials of the many banks are suspected to be involved in this planned fraud. Intelligence departments of GST have also continued their investigation regarding this. Recently, the feeling of spreading the GST scam of 12 crores by opening a fake company within the name of another laborer has spread sensation. This fake account was also opened at the Mid-Town Branch in Urban Co-operative Bank.

11.85 crore GST embezzlement
Biswajit lives in a township area of Tandia city. he’s employed as a laborer. However, without his knowledge, an account (no-004010001255) was opened within the Mid Town Branch of Urban Co-operative Bank within the name of BT Minerals. While opening the account, the address is shown as Shaktinagar 21 / B. Actually, this address is additionally fake. This is often not known within the Shaktinagar area. Biswajit doesn’t have the mobile number given to open the account. The fraudsters didn’t confine their fraud here only but that they had filed an affidavit with the wrong documents to open the account. Since the opening of the account, in 2017-18, through this fake account, a GST embezzlement of Rs 11.85 crore has been done by doing business of about Rs 50 crore.

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Account check shocked

The GST Vigilance Department investigation was launched when doubts arose about the account. When the team visited the address given for investigation, that they had to return disappointed. Later Biswajit was somehow discovered by the GST team. However, the knowledge given by Biswajit within the inquiry shocked everyone. Biswajit said that actually, he knew nothing about fraudulent accounts, business, and GST fraud. If his signature was checked with the Urban Bank, that too didn’t match. He said that he had not gone to the said bank for even one day. He had also not received the checkbook and any necessary documents issued by the bank.

Fraud in documents given to urge employment

Biswajit doubted that the scam was done through documents given a couple of years ago within the hope of getting employment. Biswajit has appealed to the Board of Management of the bank to form it available to anyone involved within the case. But the bank management has not taken any action regarding this. The checking account has now been frozen after the matter came under scrutiny.

GST embezzlement has been done through fake accounts

This is not the sole case of Urban Co-operative Bank, embezzling GST worth crores of rupees by creating fake companies through an outsized number of faux accounts. The investigation remains on within the case of GSP fraud worth about Rs 30 crore by opening a fake account within the name of RSP contract worker Jaminikanth Nayak living in Sector-2. While creating numerous fake accounts, the eye of bank officials isn’t a matter of concern.

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