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GST gives exemption for commercial evasion from under billing

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GST gives exemption for commercial evasion from under billing

GST exemption

GST gives exemption for commercial evasion from under billing

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Say the effect of changes in laws or something else. Something similar is occurring within the Commerce Tax Department. After tightening under billings in Value Added Tax (VAT), traders are now taking advantage of the relief in Goods and Services Tax (GST). many taxes are being stolen daily by under billing.

Earlier this was the system: When Value Added Tax (VAT) was applicable, then a robust penalty was imposed by the merchant for holding the products by showing a price but the market value.

Now this system: there’s no provision for action on under billing when Goods and Services Tax (GST) is implemented. Under this, the merchant can take any goods at a price less than the bill.

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This is under billing: the worth of a commodity within the market is five hundred rupees kg and it’s shown as 300 rupees per kg within the bill. it’s considered under-billing by the Commerce Tax Department. Has been caught repeatedly under billions

Last month, the driving force of a dry fruit was caught. There was a difference in the prices of cashew and raisins. Cashew was shown as three and a half hundred rupees in situ of eight hundred rupees kilogram and raisin bill of 4 hundred rupees kilo rather than 95 rupees per kilo. Similarly, there’s a difference in bills within the price of readymade garments and accessories. Similar things also appear within the goods that come from outside. Goods go from Hathras

These things undergo asafoetida, spices, lentils and rice, Namkeen, Churri, sandal, herbs, readymade clothes and other items. Goods come from Aligarh, Agra, Mathura, Delhi, and other cities. this is often how evasion happens

Metal goods often have more weight. If a cargo vehicle has 20 quintals and therefore the bill is merely ten quintals. This material is weighed on Dharmakanta, then the difference in weight is caught.

There is no provision for action on under billing in GST compared to VAT. thanks to this, now they’re unable to require action if they’re caught under-billing.

Rajiv Kumar Yadav, Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Taxistrate, was carrying scraps without e-bill and another number, fined three lakh

The mobile party unit of the Commercial Taxes Department has caught the products at two places while carrying scraps without an e-way bill and another number. The team has charged a fine of three lakh seven thousand rupees from both the vehicles.

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A truck carrying a scrap of Agra iron was going from Ghaziabad on Wednesday. The moving team checked the products on the Aligarh-Agra road, and therefore the number written within the challan wasn’t a car for that number. It appeared to him that the products had already skilled the amount written within the bill. Goods are being sent from another train on an equivalent bill. It becomes a case of evasion. working on this, a fine of Rs 2.60 lakh was imposed. At an equivalent time, Haryana was getting to scrap from Varanasi by another train. the driving force couldn’t show the eBay bill when he asked for the paper during checking. The team took action and fined him 47 thousand rupees. Assistant Commissioner Sachal Dal Rajiv Kumar Yadav said that a fine of Rs three lakh seven thousand was charged on both the trains.

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