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GST increased government’s income, Chhattisgarh gave quite 23 thousand crores to Center

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GST increased government’s income, Chhattisgarh gave quite 23 thousand crores to Center

GST collection

GST increased government’s income, Chhattisgarh gave quite 23 thousand crores to Center

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The GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been implemented across the country for 3 years. albeit the inconvenience caused by GST in these three years has been raised from time to time by political parties and business organizations. But the income from GST is saying the other. watching the info for the last three years, Chhattisgarh has given 23135.87 crores to the middle as GST. As per information received from the department, CGST was 4763.87 crore within the year 2017-18, which increased to 8950 crores within the fiscal year 2018-19. CGST of 9422 crores was received within the fiscal year 2019-20. Thus in three years, an income of 23135.87 crores has been made as CGST.

GST collection was 785 crore in April-May last year, which was 792 crore in April-May even after the lockdown this year. Central GST and Excise Principal Commissioner BB Mahapatra said that the lockdown had no specific impact on the GST collection.
This is a plus

1. consistent with departmental officers, thanks to GST, now the whole country possesses one market and has got to pay an equivalent tax. GST has abolished the boundaries of states regarding trade.

2. The credit facility is out there for goods going anywhere, it’s benefitting tons.

3. Still, GST rules are being simplified keeping in sight the market situation from time to time, which is useful for traders.

Fill GST returns with SMS

The central government has introduced a replacement facility for businessmen thanks to the Corona transition. Under this, businesses also can fill their GST returns via SMS. This announcement of the govt will benefit about 22 lakh businessmen across the country. Such traders had to log in to the portal monthly and filing returns.

According to the knowledge received from departmental officers, this facility is superb for those businessmen whose GST is zero. That is, we will also think that you simply have planned to start out a business and you’ve got registered in GST. But thanks for some reason, your business couldn’t start on time. you’ll fill returns by SMS by following these steps. Taxpayers aren’t required to file GSTR 3B returns. Taxpayers are required to SMS 14409 and this return is going to be considered full.

1. attend the message box of your phone for filing.

2.Then type in it nil-space-3b-space-GST number-space-tax period.

3. If you would like to message it at 14409, then you’ll get a 6 digit code.

4. you’ll write CNF-3B-code, then your filing is going to be confirmed.

Notice won’t tend until 31 July

Right now, GST taxpayers are given huge relief in sight of the corona infection. Under this, taxpayers who haven’t been ready to file their GST returns till now won’t tend any notice till 31 July. Also from April this year, GST Saral form has also come.

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