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GST is that the second major attack on the unorganized economy of the country, poor, small and medium traders

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GST is that the second major attack on the unorganized economy of the country, poor, small and medium traders

GST not legal system

GST is that the second major attack on the unorganized economy of the country, poor, small and medium traders

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not any legal system, but an attack on India’s poor, small and medium businesses. He appealed everyone to face against it. Rahul Gandhi once termed GST as Gabbar Singh Tax.

Rahul Gandhi said that this is often the second major attack on India’s unorganized economy and it’s completely “failed”. He had earlier stated that demonetisation was the primary attack on the informal sector of the economy.
In the course of his video series on the economy, the previous Congress president alleged that the NDA government created four different categories of tax keeping in mind the large industrialists who have the required means and contacts to vary the tax under the GST.

In a video series shared on his different social media platforms, Gandhi said that GST has been an entire failure. This has not only proved to be a failure, but it’s also an attack on the poor, small, and medium industries. He said that GST isn’t a legal system, it’s an attack on the poor of India. It’s an attack on small shopkeepers, small and medium businesses, farmers, and workers.

Rahul Gandhi said that we’ve to acknowledge this attack and stand united against it. Gandhi shared an almost three-minute video on Twitter during which he said that another main reason for the historic decline in GDP is that the Gabbar Singh Tax (GST) of the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi said that it’s caused tons of injury to many small businesses, crores of jobs, and therefore the way forward for youth and the economic conditions of the states. GST means economic destruction. This is often the third of his four-part series on the economy.

Gandhi and Congress have intensified attacks on the Modi government over the state of the economy. India’s economic process rate has fallen to a record within the April-June quarter. During this era, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has registered a serious decline of 23.9 percent.

Gandhi claimed that GST was the thought of the UPA government, which meant one tax, minimum tax, standard and straightforward tax. He alleged that the GST of the NDA is totally different. The four different tax categories, which are up to twenty-eight percent, are complex and difficult to know.

The Congress leader said that tiny and medium businesses cannot pay this tax while big companies pay it very easily by hiring some accountants to try to do this work.

Did he ask why four different rates? This is often because the govt wants those that have the means to vary the GST easily and people who don’t have the means, they can’t do anything about it. Gandhi said who has the means? 15-20 largest industrialists of India. So whatever law, they need to vary, they will easily do that under the GST.

He said that the results of NDA’s GST today are that the govt of India isn’t ready to give even the quantity of GST to the states and therefore the states aren’t ready to give money to their employees and teachers. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi also released a video series on things with China on the border.

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