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GST Payment Of Bengal Increased By 400 Crores In July

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GST Payment Of Bengal Increased By 400 Crores In July

GST Payment Of Bengal

GST Payment Of Bengal Increased By 400 Crores In July

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The state economy has also suffered a setback during the Corona period, which Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is consistently taking steps to handle. Right from the start of unlock, she has been taking measures to repair the economy of the state, which has also impacted the products and Services Tax (GST). The revenue of Bengal increased by about Rs 400 crore within the last July within the account of SGST and IGST in respect of the state’s share compared to the month of June.

consistent with experts, thanks to this disaster, CM took many such steps, which have benefited the state’s revenue. thanks to the Corona situation, the income from the GST of the middle has come down considerably. There was no relief even after the income reached a touch over Rs 90,917 crore within the month of June because the income reduced to Rs 87,422 crore within a month. consistent with GST Council figures, tax-related income within the month of July has been reduced by about 3 percent within the country as compared to June. Amidst all this, increasing the GST income of the state is taken into account to be a really good step.

The state tried to naturalize everything by taking 100 days of employment, efforts to extend production in various sectors, including demand and provide coordination. a politician of the concerned department said, “In the month of June, the state had received Rs 1630 crore in GST collection. The remaining 530 crore rupees were received from IGST. During this point, quite 2 thousand crore rupees were received within the hands of the state regarding SGST and IGST. Out of this, over Rs 1200 crore, Rs 800 crore was received from SGST and IGST.

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