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GST Tax should be reduced on Construction material to improve the real state sector situation

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GST Tax should be reduced on Construction material to improve the real state sector situation

GST on Construction materials

GST Tax should be reduced on Construction material to improve the real state sector situation

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The real estate sector in Corona Call has lost its back. Projects worth quite three thousand crore rupees were affected in Bhopal itself. So this point the important estate businessmen have tons of expectations from the central government budget. During the interaction with Navdunia, the builders told that the important estate sector is already facing the market. Therefore, the central government should give exemption in tax and GST imposed on construction materials.

Real estate traders said that the value of the project isn’t coming down thanks to GST on construction material (iron, cement, etc.). it’s taxed from 18 to twenty-eight percent. Aside from this, if the tax and other taxes are added, then the government’s share goes to about 35 percent. So housing prices aren’t coming down. The effect of this is often that prices have remained equivalent because the cost has not come down. However, thanks to the lack of investors and buyers in Corona Call, business isn’t up in a hurry. Most of the important estate traders talked about reducing the GST on building materials.

A reduced ratio of average sales within the sector

The builders said that the property inbuilt the last four years should be sold within the land market per annum. It’s considered a mean of the higher land market. Also, there’s evidence that market conditions and money rotation also are happening in the right way. But at the present, things within the sector is such the stock of builders within the capital has not been sold within the last four years.

Six thousand houses need buyers

Officials of the Confederation of land Developers of India (CREDAI), the most important organization within the land sector, said that within the last five years, business worth about five thousand crore rupees has been affected in Bhopal. The important estate market is not any longer 40 percent left thanks to a lack of capital investment. Not only this, quite six thousand units (flats, duplex, single, etc.) haven’t been sold within the city.

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