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GST’s functional structure created, 170 posts missing

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GST’s functional structure created, 170 posts missing

GST functional structure

GST’s functional structure created, 170 posts missing

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After an extended exercise within the State Goods and Services Tax Department (State GST), the functional structure has been approved before finalizing the departmental structure. Probably most personnel will have heard the term ‘functional’ framework for the primary time. Accordingly, it’s also strange in itself. Because the state tax officers who are most active within the field, they weren’t given an area in it. This order also indicates that despite all the opposition of the personnel, the exercise of cutting 40 posts of this cadre continues.

For the specified change within the structure of the State GST, only 60 officers who got promotions couldn’t be posted for nearly two months. On the one hand, there was pressure to deploy promoted officers, on the opposite hand, within the departmental structure, some special officers had to open the way for promotion. Therefore, it had been decided to chop 40 posts of state tax officers and three proposals were sent one after the opposite to market some officials. Meanwhile, the state tax authorities had also started protesting about the preparation of posts.

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Well, because the functional framework was approved during a half-baked manner, the question has arisen on why the 170 state tax officers currently working aren’t mentioned during this structure. Now personnel are going to be deployed within the same framework. Hence, there’s also anger among the state tax authorities about the strange structure. it’s being told that during this case, a politician meeting has been called by the State GST officials and employee organizations on Tuesday.
Eight mobile units also ceased to exist.

Presently 19 mobile party units are alive within the State GST. However, within the functional framework, this number has come right down to 11. Now only these units are in Vikasnagar, Dehradun, Kotdwar, Haridwar, Roorkee, Bhagwanpur, Kashipur, Rudrapur, Kichha, Khatima, and Haldwani. Hence the question about the structure.

Between May and June, the proposal of the departmental structure was sent to the govt thrice. About seven months ago, a proposal for the departmental structure was sent to the govt. during this, the position of the posts was kept unchanged.

In the meantime, departmental promotion happened and a few special officers were bereft of this promotion.
Then, within the revised proposal, 40 posts of state tax officers were cut and eight posts of Joint Commissioner were created.

After objection to eight posts of the Finance Department, alongside the deduction of 40 posts, five posts of Additional Commissioner Grade-2 were included. The department approved only three posts.

Seeing that even the favourite officers don’t seem to be ready to cross, the highest officials reached the Chief Minister with the file and got approval for five posts.

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