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Help desk set up for GST holders, filing of returns on time will save penalty and refund

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Help desk set up for GST holders, filing of returns on time will save penalty and refund

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According to the instructions which have been issued by the department to inspectors to get timely returns from GST holders. For this, a help desk has been set up in the office located in Sector-7. Here traders can suggest the problem as well as suggest it. The problem will be resolved by the inspector of the ward. The Nodal Officer instructed the inspector to contact the traders by phone and e-mail. Employees sitting at the help desk also have to motivate dealers to pay taxes. The district has 16 and a half thousand GST holders. They have to be filed by return by the due date. Otherwise, these interest will have to be paid. While the annual returns can be filed by 30 June.
Goods and service tax dealers are required to fill every quarter. After this, a return is filed throughout the year, which details all the returns filed. A large number of dealers have also not been able to file returns for February and March. A discount has been provided for these people to fill up to different dates in May. If these people file returns within the stipulated period, then they will not be charged interest. At the same time, interest will be paid to those who fill the period.

Annual returns will be filled by 30 June

The GST annual return is to be filled by 31 March. But Kovid-19 will not have to pay any interest to dealers by June 30 due to the epidemic. At the same time, dealers who have not filed returns in February and March, will have to submit by May. The government will charge interest from dealers who do not do so, and even after that, dealers who do not deposit will also be fined.

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Big dealers should fill returns in time

There are different categories of return fillers. Action on small dealers is the same. But dealers trading in crores are also taxed in crores. In such a situation, if these people do not file on time, then interest on them will also be in lakhs. 761 dealers have been identified by the department. All inspectors have been instructed to contact. They have been instructed to be motivated and aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

Action on non-filing of returns

There is also a provision of FIR along with fine for stealing GST. In this, many times the recovery is made from the employer. Many big actions have been taken in the district in two years. In which many pesticide making fake companies were caught. Crores of rupees have also been recovered from them.

All possible facilities and assistance are being provided to the dealers. They should take advantage of this by filing returns in due time. Due to this, he will be free from action, second and will be counted among good taxpayers. Everyone should take advantage of Asvara. Sangeeta Dabas, ETO and Nodal Officer GST Excise and Taxation Department, Sonipat.

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