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High court cleanliness dispute, ban on a tender process

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High court cleanliness dispute, ban on a tender process

Bilaspur Municipal Corporation

High court cleanliness dispute, ban on a tender process

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Bilaspur Municipal Corporation cleanliness contract dispute has reached the supreme court. Excluded from the tender process, the ladies’ women self-help group, through its lawyer, filed a petition within the supreme court to oblige another contracting company, the corporation officials have opted out of the tender process. After hearing the case, the supreme court has summoned all the documents, prohibiting the tender process.

Petitioner Digdarshi Women’s Self Help Group has said in its petition that the Municipal Corporation issued a young for the cleaning contract on June 4, 2020. He also filled the tender. Their tender form was cancelled, informing them of not fulfilling the specified qualifications and was dismissed from the contracting process. When asked by the corporation officials, they said that the GST certificate and therefore the surviving labour license haven’t been submitted alongside the tender form.

It had been reported that the tender was cancelled thanks to non-submission. Consistent with the petition, the corporation had set June 30 because of the date for opening the tender. The corporation didn’t open the tender on maturity. The tender was opened three days afterward July 3.

He was also not informed about it. When the corporation officials met and asked for information regarding the tender, then the whole tender process has been cancelled thanks to a technical glitch. The petitioner stated that the bid made by him was minimal. Even after this, the Municipal Corporation deliberately sent the tender has been cancelled The petitioner has expressed apprehension that the highest officials of the corporation have cancelled the whole tender process to oblige another contracting company. Meanwhile, on 6 June, the municipal corporation issued the tender again for the cleaning work.

The petitioner challenged this within the supreme court and sought adjournment. During the hearing of the case, the counsel for the Municipal Corporation, while presenting the reply within the supreme court, stated that while filling the tender form by the petitioner women self-help group, the surviving labour license wasn’t submitted additionally to the GST certificate. thanks to two critical errors, it had been decided to be excluded from the tender process.

The corporation’s counsel told the court that bids for all the five tenders were opened thanks to technical glitches. Therefore, the whole tender was cancelled thanks to irregularities. It’s not trying to unduly benefit any contracting company. Corporation Disagreeing with the reply of the supreme court, the supreme court has summoned the whole document of the tender process. With this, the tender process has been banned.

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