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How is the Government planning to unlock India’s tomorrow with DigiLocker?

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How is the Government planning to unlock India’s tomorrow with DigiLocker?


How is the Government planning to unlock India’s tomorrow with DigiLocker?

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Everything is digitized in the 21st century. Believe it or not, it has brought tremendous advantages with it. The 1980s marked the turning point for this revolution and it is still progressing.

COVID-19, the catalyst expedited and spurred the digital transformation in India. DigiLocker is one such vision of the Indian Government to unlock the future of India.

What is DigiLocker?

Introduced in 2015, Digilocker has cited a revolution. This project was introduced with an aim, i.e to constrain the challenges faced by Indian citizens.

Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi initially released the beta version of this service with a storage space of 100 MB. This was increased to 1 GB later.

Through DigiLocker, one can verify and issue documents digitally. It will curb problems like handling documents in physical form, fake documents circulation, etc.

The Ministry of Electronics & IT introduced this cloud-based platform under the Digital India Initiative. This platform stores all the important documents like:-

  • Aadhar card
  • Birth Certificate
  • PAN card
  • COVID Vaccination certificate
  • Marksheets, and many more.

It is an extravagant initiative by our Indian Government as it will promote the sharing of authentic documents digitally. It can help those individuals who lose or misplace their documents (hard copy).

For instance,

Rita is an engineering student. She has an account with Digi-Locker where she has uploaded all her essential documents.

(Somehow), if she loses or misplaces her document, she doesn’t have to stress. She will have her documents secured in Digi-Locker that can be accessed anytime.

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Recent Statistics of DigiLocker

124.86 Million users have registered themselves and 5.59 Billion users have issued their documents (Source).

Recent Statistics of DigiLocker
Statistics of DigiLocker

Features of Digi Locker

The residents can see the following features in their DigiLocker account:-

  • Dashboard
  • Issued Documents
  • Uploaded Documents
  • Shared Documents
  • Issuers
  • Activity

Working of DigiLocker

Working of DigiLocker

The Residents/ Citizens

  • The resident can sign in to the Digilocker using their smartphones.
  • Firstly, enter the mobile number in the field.
  • They will get their One-time Password on their mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and choose the desired password and username. The account is ready!
  • The resident has to share their Aadhaar number after successfully creating a DigiLocker account. Now, they can also benefit from additional services.
  • Once done, they can check the e-Documents URI. This will be uploaded by various issuers in DigLocker. Check the image for your reference.
The Residents-Citizens


The resident can also get the privilege to upload their documents and eSign them. They can share it with the requesters as private documents. They just mail the link of their e-Document to the requester.

The resident can log in anytime into their DigiLocker by entering their Password and Username. Else, they can use their social media account to sign in.

social media account

The Issuers

  • On the Digital Locker System, the issuer must register themself. They will receive a unique Issuer ID that is assigned to them.
  • Next, the user has to upload their documents to the designated repository in the standard XML format.
  • Each document in the repository will have a unique URI. The URI will be escalated to the resident’s Digi locker based on their Aadhaar Number.
GST Suvidha Kendra

The Requesters

  • They must register themselves to an access gateway using the onboard Digital Locker System.
  • They must ensure to retrieve their document securely through an access gateway.

Various types of components in the resident’s Digi-locker

1. My Certificate:

This will have two subsections, namely

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a. Uploaded Documents

The residents can check the list of documents they uploaded. The following information will be stated for each document:-

  • Name of the document
  • The date when the document was uploaded
  • Status of the document emphasizing whether it is eSigned or not, and many more.

b. Digital Documents

This section will have the links (URI) of the document that is issued by the department of Agencies/ Government for residents. It will have the following details

  • URI
  • Name of the document
  • Date when it was issued
  • Option of sharing

2. My Profile

Here the complete details of the resident are displayed.

3. My Issuer

It will show the name of the issuer and the issued document numbers by the issuer to the resident.

4. My Requester

In this section, you will see the name of the Requestor and the document numbers that are requested by the requester from the resident.

5. Directories

Along with the URI, you can see the complete list of the requestors and the registered issuers.

How to upload an e-Document in DigiLocker?

You get the facility to upload the documents under the section “My Certificates”

  1. For this, you need to choose the type of document from the list of drop down. This includes HSC certificates, SSC certificates, etc.
  2. Give the name to the document.
  3. Fill in all the information for the document type that you have chosen.
  4. Choose the file and ensure that it is not more than 1 MB. The files are only accepted in gif, bmp, png, jpg, and jpeg format.
  5. You need to give a description for your document in not more than 50 characters.
  6. Tap the button “Upload”.

When done, you will be able the listed document under the subsection “Upload

How to share an e-Document in DigiLocker?

  • Under the subsection “Uploaded Documents” or “Digital Documents”, you need to share the e-Document as a URL. Click the link “Share” that is given beside the document you wish to share.
  • You will see a pop-up. In it, you have to share the recipient’s email address and tap “Share”.
  • The document will be sent from the email address ‘’. The recipient can identify the email with the subject line that states the document type and name.
  • In the body of the recipient’s mail, the document’s URI link will be shared. It will also have the Aadhar Number and the Sender’s name.

Is it safe to use DigiLocker?

Yes, it is safe to use DigiLocker. DigiLocker is a great solution for Indian citizens. This cloud-based platform will bring in lots of benefits. Since the Indian Government takes the lead, you can trust it.

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