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Know the New Branding Guidelines for Common Service Centres

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Know the New Branding Guidelines for Common Service Centres

Branding Guidelines for Common Service Centres

Know the New Branding Guidelines for Common Service Centres

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The Indian Government launched the Common Service Centre (CSC) 2.0 Scheme in 2015. This is the newest version of CSC. With this scheme, the government is expecting to have at least one CSC in all Gram Panchayats across India.

CSC stands for Common Service Centre Scheme. It is the access point for delivering public utilities such as healthcare in rural India.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the New Branding Guidelines for Common Service Centres. First of all, know about CSCs 2.0 Scheme.

About CSCs 2.0

The idea of CSC 2.0 is based on transactions. It is a delivery and entrepreneurship-based model. According to this scheme, multiple e-services will be delivered through a single delivery technological platform. CSC 2.0 was introduced as a response to the government’s liability to set up CSCs in all 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats.

About CSCs 2.0


Indian government plans to arrange various e-services for rural citizens under the Digital India Program.

Features of CSC 2.0 Scheme

Here are some features of the CSC 2.0 Scheme

  • A self-supported network of 2.5 lakhs CSC in Gram Panchayats.
  • It provides many e-services through a single delivery platform.
  • It is a Local Help Desk Support.
  • This encourages more and more women as VLEs.
  • It is continuous services and capacity building of stakeholders.
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Some of the Strategies that the Indian Government Planned with the CSC 2.0 Scheme

  • The government initiated to set up 2.5 lakh GPs in 2019.
  • They planned to add 1.5 lakhs CSC with existing CSCs to empower and integrate the services.
  • They proposed the CSC 2.0 Scheme to consolidate the delivery of the services using a standard technology platform. It was proposed so that e-services like G2C can be accessed by all Indian citizens.

Many agendas were successfully implemented in coordination with the district e-governance society, implementing agencies, and state IT departments.

Guidelines for Common Branding of CSCs

The government wants to develop CSC in every Gram Panchayat. The Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MeitY) introduced new guidelines for branding the CSC under CSC 2.0 scheme.

As directed by MeitY, banners were developed in the regional language for all 29 states and 7 union territories. The government chooses local languages as a tool to communicate the message. Hence, people from rural India can take benefit from the scheme.

Some guidelines related to branding for CSCs are as follows:

  • The standard branding is to be carried on an iron frame with flex printing. Any boards should be placed in adequate light.
  • There should be a complete address of CSC at the bottom of every board. The name of Gram Panchayat, District, and State should be there.
  • The size of the shop front board should be 6 x 3 ft. (Width x Height). This board should be placed at all CSCs all over India.
  • The layout of the poster should include CSC ID or OMT ID on the top. The State CSC logo and name of the CSC Kendra should be there.
  • Monetary help of ₹3500 will be provided per CSC for branding. For this, one must submit pictures of their CSC with other details to the State Coordinator of the CSC. The details include Name, Contact Number, OMT ID, and Full Address.
  • Together with common branding, all CSCs should display the rates that they charge for different services.
  • A VLE can download the standard branding guidelines for this scheme from the official website, i.e But, they need to ensure that they download the file of their respective Union Territories or States.

Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) issued detailed information about new approaches to all state governments.
All VLEs are requested to follow the new direction passed by the government.

CSCs have a universal look. VLEs must adhere to maintain it. They must print the CSC poster that subsumes the State Logo and Respective CSC Kendra’s Name.

Below is a CSC poster for your reference. If you see the image below the appearance has been kept the same for all the posters but the message delivered is in the local language.

Common Branding of CSCs


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