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More than 100 organisation support the Chhattisgarh band on 26 February

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More than 100 organisation support the Chhattisgarh band on 26 February

band on 26 February

More than 100 organisation support the Chhattisgarh band on 26 February

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The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) will close India on February 26 to protest against GST discrepancies. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) state president Amar Parvani, executive president Mangelal Malu, Vikram Singhdev, general minister Jitendra Doshi, executive general minister Parmanand Jain, treasurer Ajay Agarwal, and state media in-charge Sanjay Chabe told that against the GST discrepancies, CAT In support of the Bharat Bandh, several trade organizations have promised self-supporting support.
The Bastar Chamber of Commerce, Bilaspur Divisional Chamber of Commerce, Korba Chamber of Commerce, Kanker Chamber of Commerce, Mahasamund Chamber of Commerce, also as quite 100 business organizations across the state have received support.

Let me tell you that thus far quite 50 business organizations within the capital Raipur have supported the bandh to form it successful. CAT state president Amar Parvani said that traders are affected thanks to the fatal consequences of GST. GST couldn’t become logic and business compatible even after the 950 amendments. CAT demands that the GST anomalies should be removed and simplified. A gathering of the state unit of CAT was held within the state office on Wednesday. Strategies were made to form the bandh a hit within the meeting. Kat Chhattisgarh Chapter has written a letter to the Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries for the bandh. Recently, CAT had met State GST Minister TS Singhdev and submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister to get rid of GST anomalies. A serious strategy for the bandh has been chalked out through the regional units of CAT across the country.

Shri Parvani further said that during this episode, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) altogether the states across the country, regarding the development and simplification of the GST taxation system in their respective states and districts, within the name of Honorable Prime Minister, District Collector, GST commissioner, Principal Secretary, minister of finance, Chief Minister of the state, MLA and MP are handed over. In such a disappointing backdrop, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) has involved an India trade band on 26 February, which is receiving strong and open support from the country’s traders and other organizations.

CAT national vice-chairman Parvani said that GST has the subsequent problem. Which should be resolved at the earliest.

  1. On the idea of the new notification, GST officers can suspend the GST license number of any businessman at his discretion without giving any notice or without hearing.
  2. Section 16 (2) (aa) proposed within the Union Budget is against the first idea of GST.
  3. Whereas, if the trader has mistakenly calculated excess tax under section 75 (12) of GST, it’ll be treated as self-assessment tax and charged to the merchant under Section 79 with no notice.
  4. Similarly, in section 129 (1) (a), if the products sent by transport are stopped for any irregularity on the way, the department should seize or take into custody the products carriages and therefore the goods in it The authority has been given.
  5. Not complying with the provisions of the e-way bill, but till now there was one hundred pc penalty in such cases, which has now been increased to 200 percent.
  6. GST input has been reduced to 99 percent in Rule 86B.
  7. The validity period of the e-way bill has been reduced by 50 percent.
  8. Additional opportunities should be provided for availing input decrease.
  9. Problems associated with the transportation of products and e-way bills should be removed.
  10. The relevant provision should be repealed.
  11. Return-related problems should get away.
  12. The more credit which will be seen in GATR 2A, the more the claim is often made in GATR 3B.
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