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New rules will be applied after 31 December 2020 of GST Return, Fastag & cheque payment

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New rules will be applied after 31 December 2020 of GST Return, Fastag & cheque payment

GST return

New rules will be applied after 31 December 2020 of GST Return, Fastag & cheque payment

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Some rules are changing from January 1. this may directly affect the commoner. From check payment to Fastag, UPI payment system, change in GST return norms, etc. Contactless Card Transaction: RBI has increased the limit of contactless card payment from 2 thousand to 5 thousand. PIN won’t be entered for payments up to 5 thousand by debit and Mastercard. This technique will inherit effect from January 1.
Check payment system

Some important information will need to be confirmed on 50 thousand or more payments through check. The person giving the check can give this information through electronic means like SMS, mobile app, Internet banking or ATM. you’ve got to turn the mobile by applying zero to the landline. If you are trying to vary any mobile number from the landline after January 1, you’ll need to use zero first. Without calling cumin, you’ll not get a call.

GST Return
Under the new rule, businesses whose turnover is a smaller amount than five crores rupees won’t need to file returns monthly. Taxpayers will need to pay only eight returns. it’ll need to pay four GSTR 3B and 4 GSTR 1 returns.

Fastag mandatory on vehicles
Fastag is going to be mandatory on all four-wheelers. Double will charge the drivers who cross the National Highway Tool without Fastag. Although most of the people have taken up the Fastag on the vehicles. These new buses will start: From January 1, Bikaner Depay will start new buses on Bhilwara, Ajmer, Bhinmal, Udaipur and Jodhpur routes. The bus will leave for Bhilwara at 12.20 hrs. In return, this bus will leave Bikaner at 8.45 am and reach Bikaner at 7 pm. The bus to Udaipur will leave at 7.30 am. it’ll run from there at 6.45 am. Bus to Bhinmal will leave from Bikaner at 5.45 am. it’ll reach Bhinmal at 7.45 pm in Jodhpur, Jalor. The return will leave at 7.45 am.

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