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Preparation to cut GST from Asha Jyoti Center employees

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Preparation to cut GST from Asha Jyoti Center employees

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Preparation to cut GST from Asha Jyoti Center employees

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Selection of girls workers for One-Stop Center in your Sakhi Asha Jyoti Center goes against the principles. The probation department is bent exploiting itself. Now GST is going to be deducted from the salary of the personnel on the parameters to Rs 5400 per month, while consistent with the commercial tax officers there’s no provision to deduct GST and repair tax from the salary.

Women workers working within the Asha Jyoti Center running within the Vinod Dixit Hospital campus of the town haven’t received their salaries for the past 15 months. Bids of selection from the service provider company placed on the JAM portal for adjustment of personnel from above is against the principles. Under the applicable mandate on 25 July 2019, the adjustment of the already employed personnel and salary payment is to be done by selecting only the service provider. An equivalent decision was taken within the board meeting chaired by DM. For this, the probation department has bid to pick the service provider on the JAM portal, which can open on August 17.

Consistent with the bid, personnel are going to be adjusted, but 18 percent of salary is going to be deducted including GST, ESI, PF, Service Tax, many charges, while there’s no such rule or order. There is no deduction of 4 personnel already performing on behalf of the service provider in the middle. At an equivalent time, Farrukhabad, Sitapur, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Banaras, There are not any cuts on new and old centres of other districts including Hathras. This has caused resentment among the workers. during this regard, DPO Premendra Kumar contacted on the mobile to seek out out his favour, but he didn’t receive it.

In the new mandate, the salary of some workers has been reduced by 10 thousand rupees, while some are increased to 5 thousand rupees, but nobody will get enjoy the GST cut. The one who reduced by 10 thousand will rise up to 6 thousand rupees more on the reduction of GST. Whose increase will get him less salary as before Regarding this, the personnel have filed writ within the supreme court. In response, the district administration has asked for a salary as per the new mandate. If deducted, the solution is going to be the other. The previous year’s consumption certificate has not gone to the middle for payment. Thanks to this, there’ll be no salary thanks to the non-availability of the budget.

Deputy Commissioner GST Sanjeev Niranjan said that GST isn’t deducted from the salary of employees. Only the department or contractor submits. The tender has all the conditions. 18% service tax is deducted, but there’s no provision to deduct GST from salary.

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