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Relief to Uttarakhand amid Corona infection, 300 crore GST; Debt crisis averted

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Relief to Uttarakhand amid Corona infection, 300 crore GST; Debt crisis averted

300 crore GST compensation

Relief to Uttarakhand amid Corona infection, 300 crore GST; Debt crisis averted

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Uttarakhand is currently relieved within the Corona crisis. The central government has given nearly 300 crore amount of GST compensation. The state has been postponed to require loans from the market within the last week of this month with the assistance of the middle. Within the era of the Corona epidemic, the challenge remains for the state to satisfy its expenses.

The biggest difficulty ahead of the govt comes within the payment of salary, an honorarium of its personnel. For this reason, the state was forced to borrow one thousand crores from the market within the first month of the present fiscal year ie April. Since then, the govt has been making every effort to avoid borrowing. In fact, the way the Corona crisis seems to be prolonged, it’s affecting the economy.

The state is currently taking advantage of the Center’s help in avoiding things of overdraft just in case of debt. The state is getting an installment of 423 crores as a revenue deficit grant monthly. The state has received this amount within the first week of the present month. For the present fiscal year 2020-21, the central government has approved a complete revenue deficit grant of 5076 crores. The state has also received about 300 crore GST compensation within the second fortnight of the present month. Finance Secretary Amit Negi said that the loan won’t be taken this month.

The Uttarakhand government has taken steps within the direction of making an e-Vidhan Sabha in Bharanadi of Garsain. For this, glass fiber cable (OFC) are going to be laid from Dehradun to Garrison. It’ll cost around 27 crores. By creating an e-Vidhan Sabha, the departments will get obviate the effort of bringing and carrying files in Visas sessions to be held in Garsain. Aside from this, the government will now install street lights altogether the villages insight into the ever-increasing rise of untamed animals in populated areas.

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