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Tax old cases without paying a penalty

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Tax old cases without paying a penalty

filling old taxes or returns

Tax old cases without paying a penalty

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The Excise Department is giving an enormous relief to the traders of the district trapped within the pasture thanks to paying their old dues and not filling old taxes or returns etc. The taxpayers of the department are given time by the Himachal government to settle the old cases with 10 per cent settlement fees till September 30 under the HP Legacy Case Resolution Scheme. During this, they’re going to not need to pay any interest and extra penalty. Not only this, but the department has also completed about 50 per cent of the income of the district which has been reduced thanks to Corona epidemic. Here are the highlights of the conversation.

What is the HP Legacy Case Resolution Scheme launched by the government and what are its benefits for the traders?
Old tax-related case pending of the many traders are happening. The figure for those cases is quite 12000. Typically, for non-payment of tax, late payment, non-payment of returns, late payment, merchants need to pay interest and penalty thereon, but under this new scheme, the merchant has got to pay the quantity of tax in his old affairs. Alongside this only 10% settlement fees need to be paid. No interest and penalty are going to be charged during this. With this, traders are going to be ready to fill their old tax comfortably. This includes VAT, luxury tax, entry tax etc. Aside from this, traders also can settle their old dues along an equivalent line. There’ll even be no interest and penalty.

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Do traders have this facility for all kinds of taxes and arrears?
This facility is going to be given only to the relief to the traders associated with the cases falling under the Act like VAT, luxury tax, entry tax etc. adjusted within the GST Act. For this, the department has prepared a format, which the trader will need to fill and provides it to the department, and therefore the information of the cases which are old and the way much tax to be paid. It’ll incur a ten per cent settlement fee. All the old cases also will be resolved with ease and therefore the government also will get revenue. Earlier this scheme was till 30 July, but now it’s been reduced to 30 September thanks to Corona epidemic.

How are you informing traders about the growing cases of Corona?
Camps etc. aren’t being held at the present. In Ace, the officers of the business circles, chartered accountants and lawyers, accountants are being argued over the phone by the department officers.

March month is that the most vital month of the department, what was the effect of the lockdown?
The fiscal year ends on March 31, but the lockdown came into effect on March 23, thanks to which there was no significant impact within the month of March but its effect was seen within the months of April and should where the income of the district was reduced by 75 per cent. There was no significant commercial activity until May. Meanwhile, the govt extended the date of filing GST returns till June 30. After the reliefs started in May, the income of the district was recovered to about 50 per cent by June 30. Now the tax coming from liquor contracts has also started. The advance security contractors who have deposited is settled and therefore the tax has started coming. The fiscal year has also been done from June 1 to May 30. this is often just for excise policy.

How much income did the alcohol contracts make this time?
This year, 310 liquor contracts were renewed. 119 crore is predicted from this income department. The figure was 108 crores last year. Like, a revenue of 68 lakh 67 thousand 913 rupees was sent to the govt within the sort of cow cess, while 68 lakh 67 thousand 917 rupees are sent for ambulance cess.

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What is that the action if GST isn’t filled on time?
The department has decided that the GST registration numbers of traders who haven’t filled GST returns for 6 consecutive months are going to be cancelled. Although the traders are first made aware through the notice, if they still don’t fill the GST, their number is going to be cancelled and that they will need to first pay the tax and adopt the whole process to activate it again.

Any message from you.
About 13000 registered taxpayers/traders within the district are requested to form timely use of all online facilities and file their tax returns at the time. If anyone has any problem, he can contact directly within the office. The whole system is online. Also, take full advantage of the Merchant HP Legacy Case Resolution Scheme to settle old cases.

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