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Three Months GST collection increase to 23.81 percent

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Three Months GST collection increase to 23.81 percent

Three Months GST Collection

Three Months GST collection increase to 23.81 percent

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Since the Corona period, the economy has fallen backward and is now slowly returning on target. It’s also examining the info of GST collection ie Goods and repair collection. Business activities across the district have started learning once more. Between November 2020 and February 2021, the Last Three Months GST collections have registered a rise of 23.81 percent. At this point, 325 new traders have also appeared.

For GST collection, the whole district is split into Sector 1 Fatehpur, Sector 2 Bindki, and Sector 3 Khaga. Deputy Commissioner GST Machal Verma says that the graph of GST collection had dropped during the Corona period, but now it’s showing improvement. He told that within the Corona era, GST came from the medical and grocery business only. Whereas gradually GST has started coming from all sources.

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If we glance at the comparative data, the GST collection graph fell by 42% in April, May, June, and July last year thanks to the business being stalled. Which gave a shock of 32 crores to the district. After this, GST collections have increased by 4 crores 41 lakh 57 thousand in November, December 2020, and now in January, February 2021. These are the real stats we are discussing above.

Deputy Commissioner GST Machal Verma said that the GST collection is improving rapidly. Most of the gains have come from construction works. As soon because the lockdown ends, work has started in various projects, which has led to an honest tax from contractors firms. Inward GST has started in various regions. These figures are an honest indication that after the lockdown, the market is now regaining its momentum. This is a huge change and also helps in India’s economic recovery. The GST collection also increasing every month that is the reason behind increasing the GST collection.

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