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Three officers suspended for five days in GST office

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Three officers suspended for five days in GST office

CGST commissioner

Three officers suspended for five days in GST office

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The CGST commissioner on Friday suspended three officials who were absconding within the GST theft case within the name of being bribed within the name of being caught within the case, who was absent from office for five days all of sudden. This suspension action has been taken by the department after information received by the CBI and absent from the office. GST Superintendent Kuldeep Hooda, arrested by the CBI during this case, has already been suspended. GBI Superintendent Gurvinder Singh Sohal, Inspector Pradeep, and Rohit Malik have also been accused on behalf of the CBI, which has been suspended by the department.

A show-cause notice was also issued to the three who were absconding, absent from office two days ago. Meanwhile, information was sent to the CGST commissioner on behalf of the CBI about the three officials, that each one there is accused within the bribery case. The letter said that the three non-attendance officers should inform immediately on reaching the office. After receiving the letter, internal action was started from the department against the three. It’s worth noting that Rai’s Research Medicine Pvt. The CBI started an investigation after a complaint by the company’s director Manoj Kalra and director Chandra Mohan. The CBI arrested GST Superintendent Kuldip Hooda and produced it within the CBI court after investigating it on remand. From where he was jailed for 14 days in judicial custody on Thursday.

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CGST close contacts CBI
The CBI was contacted on Friday on behalf of the department regarding the continued investigation against the CGST officers. In this, the department tried to understand when the team will come to Rohtak office on their behalf. The CBI team has sealed the cabinet of accused Inspector Rohit, during which the CBI case file is closed. For this, it’s been asked by the officer of the CGST department to offer information two days before their arrival. It’ll be told by the CBI on Monday when it’s coming. Know
This too.
– Shown fear of creating GST theft case.
– There are four cases, one accused within the Superintendent Jail.
– Accused of demanding a bribe of Rs 12 lakhs on the accused.
– CBI has filed an FIR on August 13 on the complaint of Manoj Kalra of Sonepat.
– On Assumption, the CBI team searched the house of accused GST Superintendent Kuldeep Hooda, resident of Sector 3, for eight hours.
– The team searched the CGST office for 6 hours on an equivalent day.
– The team recovered about 64 lakh rupees from the house of accused Superintendent.
– The accused remained on CBI remand for four days, now in jail.
– Three other CBI accused are absconding.

According to the Act, all the three CBI accused are suspended from the office for five consecutive days all of a sudden and being wanted during a case. All the accused associated with this case are suspended.

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