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Top in GST collection by achieving few states

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Top in GST collection by achieving few states

GST Department

Top in GST collection by achieving few states

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According to information received from the Goods and Services Tax Department, there are quite 27 thousand traders in Chandigarh. Among them, quite 22 thousand traders file returns on time. This point too, at the top of the fiscal year 31 March 2020, Chandigarh topped the opposite states within the GST collection within the country.

Chandigarh has collected 83.10 percent GST. The GST collection in 2019 was 81.39 percent. This year, 1.71 percent more GST collection has been done. The GST collection is additionally considered to be the main source of revenue collection for the Chandigarh administration, hence the department takes a really serious task regarding collection.

108.04 crores collection in July
The GST collection for the fiscal year 2020-21 is improving gradually after the lockdown. The GST collection in July stood at 108.04 crores. The GST collection rate in April was Rs 13.92 crore. GST collection was Rs 43.52 crore in May and Rs 71.31 crore in June.

This time the department made some changes regarding GST collection. The taxpayers were made aware from time to time to file returns. Taxpayers were also informed about filing returns through SMS.
Chandigarh has once more secured the primary position within the GST collection after the top of the fiscal year in March. Chandigarh achieved 83.10 percent GST during this fiscal year, meeting the target of 99 percent return file. Gujarat has secured the second position by collecting 81.44 percent and Punjab has secured the third position by collecting 81.10 percent GST.

With the development in economic activity, the products and Services collection (GST) in West Bengal is additionally becoming stable. A politician said on Friday that GST collection improved to Rs 1,212.44 crore in July as compared to previous months. The official said that the rationale for the GST collection coming to a stable level is for the businesses to pay their stalled tax. Insight of the Coronavirus crisis, the govt has allowed people to pay the outstanding GST by September. “The total GST collection from the state of West Bengal in July stood at Rs 1,212.44 crore,” the official said. It includes Center, State, and Integrated GST. Whereas before this tax collection was Rs 345 crore and Rs 745 crore respectively. “However, the July GST collection is 10 percent but the previous year. In July 2019, there was a GST collection of Rs 1,348.57 crore from the state.

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