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Traders gave a memorandum in protest against GST serve

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Traders gave a memorandum in protest against GST serve

protest against GST serve

Traders gave a memorandum in protest against GST serve

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The officers of the Udyog Vyapar Board raised their problems regarding GST. The demand letter was given within the collectorate to the Commissioner of economic Taxes. Business leaders said that the Board of Trade is opposing the GST survey. Because the survey doesn’t increase the revenue of the department.

Officials said after submitting the memorandum that GST was imposed on Dominion Day, 2017 since then revenue is increasing per annum. No survey is being conducted. The businessman is showing his integrity. He said that it’s not appropriate to offer a quota of ten surveys to every unit. No previous government or official had set the survey quota. The business leaders said that there’s discontent among the traders about this. The businessman is currently running troubled anyway. The traders raised the demand that the order which was given was withdrawn. Because the traders have decided that they’re going to not conduct the survey. Provincial vice chairman Arun Prakash Tiwari Dadua, District President Sanjeev Mishra Babi said that Aftab Ansari, Ankur Srivastava, Rajan Rai, Farrukh Hasin, Salman Khan, Govind Batham, Arpit Gupta, etc. Were present.

Traders opposed the GST survey under the banner of Nagar Udyog Vyapar Mandal. On the survey, feared controversy and estrangement. The traders have demanded the withdrawal of the survey order from the commissioner.

All the traders reached the GST office under the leadership of the State Board of Trade vice chairman Arun Prakash Tiwari alias Dadua, District President Sanjeev Mishra alias Bobby. Within the memorandum given to the officer, monthly, the Board of Trade opposes the instructions of the GST survey at 10 merchants. The merchant is showing honesty. Revenue is increased per annum without a survey. The merchant is upset within the lockdown anyway. The merchant won’t conduct the survey and if the officer conducts the survey, there’ll be a dispute. Therefore, there’s a requirement of the Commissioner that the order of the survey is withdrawn immediately.

Govind Batham, Haji Mohammad Ikhlaq Khan, Shaan Mohammad, Salman Khan, Rakesh Kumar Saxena, Aftab Ansari, Zeeshan, Farukh Hasin, Ankur Srivastava, Sachin Sharma, etc. Were present on the occasion.

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