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Uniform GST to be placed on all items

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Uniform GST to be placed on all items

Uniform GST

Uniform GST to be placed on all items

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The country’s economy was completely suffering from the lockdown. Especially the businessmen suffered tons. However, the lockdown worsened things for all. When the business was closed to the businessmen, the utilization of the poor was lost. Compared to men, women have also won their glory in every field. Women have also come to the fore from a knowledgeable point of view.

Today many ladies have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs by doing their business. Women entrepreneurs try to call at every business. The beautician isn’t only within the field but is additionally a standard businessman, making a living for her family. Women entrepreneurs say that the govt should put GST equally in one item. So that businessmen can get relief. But the govt has increased the issues of businessmen by putting two sorts of GST within the same goods. The govt should control this.

On the one hand, the govt has imposed 12 percent GST within the engine pumps and on the opposite side, by putting 18 percent GST within the engine parts, it’s created problems for the businessmen. The govt should impose an equivalent sort of GST on one item during this budget. At an equivalent time, GST should be made more accessible. Women businessmen can get relief in tax too. Such a law should be made and passed. So that women can get a chance to return forward within the field of business also.

The central government should set a special package for ladies entrepreneurs during this budget. A separate policy should be chalked call at the allow the aim of promoting women entrepreneurs. GST has kept the business entangled. GST returns should be simplified monthly. the govt should formulate a robust policy for tax concessions. Loans and EMIs should be facilitated by banks.

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