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Unreserved Ticketing System: A Boon to Indian Citizens

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Unreserved Ticketing System: A Boon to Indian Citizens

Unreserved Ticketing System

Unreserved Ticketing System: A Boon to Indian Citizens

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UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) is a ticket issuance mechanism that relieves Indian citizens. It is a mobile ticketing app that enables booking unreserved paperless journey tickets, issue/ renew season tickets, and platform tickets.

The UTS is a convenient and stress-free way of issuing tickets. This mechanism is transparent as well as accountable. To learn more about UTS, read about its background.

Background of UTS

The unreserved ticket was started by the Indian Railways on 27 December 2014 from the Mumbai Suburban area. This service was available on all non-suburban sections across all Zonal Railways from November 1, 2018. You can download UTS mobile app in both iOS and Android.

Despite the fact that UTS has introduced two modes of booking tickets-Paper Tickets and Paperless Tickets. Its main purpose is to boost the use of paperless tickets so our country can move toward a paperless economy.

Background of UTS


We’ll discuss paper tickets and paperless tickets in this blog. Before delving into this, we’ll discuss ‘The Issuing of UTS Ticket’.

The Issuing of UTS Tickets

Anyone can book an unreserved ticket 3 days in advance ( the day of travel is not included in it) for a journey of 200 kilometers or more. You can directly buy unreserved tickets for trips of any length on the same day. As per the requirement, passengers can now buy half-yearly (HST) and yearly (YST) season tickets.

Types of Unreserved Tickets

There are two types of unreserved tickets. They are

A. Paperless Ticket

You can book each and every kind of tickets like a season ticket, platform ticket, or journey ticket through this app.

You are not required to bring a hard copy of the ticket with you. Use the ‘Show Ticket’ option to show the ticket to TTE.

Some key points regarding paperless tickets:

  • Paperless tickets are not given in case of cancellation.
  • To book a paperless ticket your mobile phone must have GPS enabled.
  • The journey should commence in 1 hour after booking a paperless ticket.
  • From the same mobile application, you can book your platform ticket.
  • If you are unable to show the ticket on your mobile device, your trip will be considered ticketless.
  • The mobile application can be used to issue or renew a season ticket. It will be valid beginning the day after the ticket is purchased. To issue/renew of Season Ticket, you don’t need GPS.
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B. Paper Ticket

On the other hand paper ticket is a different thing. You can buy it via the mobile app. Along with other details, the passenger gets the Booking ID once the ticket is confirmed.

Passengers can take a printout from the ATVM, OCR machines, and CoTVM using the booking ID. He/She can also contact UTS booking counter to take the printout of the tickets.

Some important points related to paper tickets:

  • Passengers can cancel their Paper tickets at the counter only either after printing them or before printing the ticket. A cancellation fee is applicable in both cases.
  • After printing the paper ticket at the kiosk, the journey should begin within one hour.
  • After purchasing a paper ticket, the passenger can go to the station (where the journey begins) to pick up the ticket printout. The passenger can get printouts from any of the ATVM from the particular station. They need a registered mobile number and booking ID to get their ticket.
  • Your journey will be considered valid only when you have printed ticket.

Now, we’ll discuss why the UTS app is beneficial for Indian citizens.

Benefits: Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS)

  • This system provides a paperless service. Thus, it is an environment-friendly system.
  • Passengers don’t need to stand in queue.
  • UTS is for passengers with unplanned journeys and spontaneously plans at the last moment. He/She must arrive at the station and scan the QR code displayed in various locations throughout the station. This way they can book the ticket. Currently, this feature is available at 1600 stations across the country.
Unreserved Ticketing System


  • You can show your booked ticket to TTE in offline mode without any internet connection.
  • You can go completely cashless. The UTS offers a variety of digital payment options such as wallets, credit cards, net banking, UPI, and so on.
  • Those passengers who use the Rail-Wallet facility can get a 3 percent bonus on recharge.

Services Offered by UTS

UTS presents a wide range of services to make the journey of passengers easy. Some of the services offered by UTS are as follows:

Fare Enquiry

This service allows you to enquire about the fare between two stations. You just need to provide the required details and get the fare.

Season Ticket

You can book a season ticket so that you can use it repeatedly during a certain period, without paying each time.

Show Ticket

This service allows passengers to book tickets.

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ATVM Availability

Through this service, passengers can enquire about the availability of ATVMs (Automatic Ticket Vending Machines) at any station. For this, he/she needs to choose the station only. When you select the station, the app will show you the ATVM machine available at that station.

ATVM Availability

Booking History

This app will allow you to see your booking history. On booking of ticket, you’ll get a Booking ID. You can check your history with the help of this ID.

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Check R-Wallet

Passengers use check R-Wallet Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) to pay for their tickets. They can also recharge their R-Wallet at any UTS counter or through the website

Eligibility Criteria

But everyone can’t access the services provided by UTS. You can’t access UTS services

  • If anyone is under 17 years.
  • If you are removed or suspended from the services by Indian Railway.

Guidelines for UTS

Anyone using UTS or deciding to use this app should know these guidelines. They are significant.

  • The passenger should have Android and Windows smartphones only.
  • Your phone should have minimum GPRS connectivity to use the UTS services.
  • Passengers must make an advance deposit into their Railway Wallet (R-Wallet).

Process of using UTS

Those who are convinced with the working of this app or want to register themselves should read this section carefully.

  • You can register yourself through a mobile app (Android or Windows).
  • You can also register in UTS with the help of a website.
  • To register yourself, you need to share your Mobile Number, Gender,
  • Name, Password, and Date of Birth.
  • An SMS will notify you once the registration is completed. This SMS contains the login ID and password.
  • Your R-Wallet will be created. You don’t need to spend money on this.
  • You can recharge your R-Wallet at UTS counters or with the help of the recharge option available on the website.


UTS is like a blessing for the crowds of Metropolitan cities where people commute daily. With the help of UTS, anyone can instantly book their tickets. This app helps the government to reach a more extensive section of the population by enabling them to book tickets for themselves.


Can I purchase a ticket inside the railway station?

No, passengers can’t book a ticket inside the station premises. According to the rule, you can’t enter the railway premises without a ticket.

Is it important to register to use the UTS on mobile?

Yes, you must register in order to use UTS on mobile.

How do I purchase a Journey Ticket?

  • To use UTS, the passenger must have either Android or Windows.
  • To book journey tickets, a passenger should be a valid registered user in the Mobile ticketing System.
  • He or She should have sufficient funds in their R-Wallet.
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