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Various steps to avoid cancelled GST notice received

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Various steps to avoid cancelled GST notice received

GST notice

Various steps to avoid cancelled GST notice received

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There are reports of cancellation of GST registration by the govt. It’s been told in media reports that a lot of GST registrations are cancelled by the tax authorities. Also, notices have been sent to several people regarding GST registration. In such a situation, what should the people that have come to note, do? Let’s know the opinion of the experts.

In recent months, many of us have received notice to cancel GST registration. It’s still happening. People get scared after hearing the name of the notice. Why the govt is sending you a notice, it should be acknowledged. One reason for this might be that if the place where you are doing business, if the place isn’t verified by the inspector, then notice of GST cancellation may come. Once you open the reference number within the notice to understand the rationale, then everything will come to light.

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Survival mode
It may also happen that you simply are sent a notice for not filing GST returns continuously for the last 6 months. The sole thanks to avoiding this is often to stay filing GST on time. Notice also can come if the return isn’t filed under the composition scheme. During this situation, if you’ve got not filed your return for 3 periods, then you’ll get noticed. Sometimes it’s also seen that you simply haven’t filed the return for 6 months, but have filed the backlog after handling the whole backlog. Despite this, people come to note.

If this happened, then within the notice you ought to clarify that you simply had made an error within the last six months but it had been rectified later and now the filing of GST is up so far. If there’s any reason, you ought to make it clear within the notice. Keep one thing in mind that the amount is written within the notice, you ought to answer during that period. within the notice, you’ll are asked to reply in 7 days or 10 days, you ought to file the reply within an equivalent day. This may prevent any longer action.

Give reasons for the application
Sometimes it happens that your answer isn’t satisfactory, therefore the Assessing Officer cancels the registration after your answer. During this case also you get the choice to restore your registration. Under this, you set the appliance under REG-21. In this, you ought to tell that your registration has been cancelled incorrectly and what’s the rationale for it. In this, you ought to tell that you simply want to re-store GST registration and it should be re-store.

In this, a suggestion is additionally as long as you meet the Assessing Officer and know the rationale for cancellation. Determine from the officer what’s the answer to cancel the cancellation and the way it is often done. The officer should tell that the error that has been done has been rectified. Or their registration is cancelled without mistake.

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File REG-21 application
In October-November last year, the registration of quite one lakh people was cancelled, those that didn’t file GST returns. what’re thanks to preventing such people from taking action? Experts tell about this that such people may have received notice from the Assessing Officer but it might not are skilled within the manner or maybe if the solution was given, the Assessing Officer must have noticed something wrong in it. During this situation also, the appliance of REG-21 must be filed once. IG-21 application should be filed on notice because your registration is going to be ready to start again.

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