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VLE Registration for Bank Mitra

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VLE Registration for Bank Mitra

VLE Registration

VLE Registration for Bank Mitra

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India is a broad nation, diverse in terms of religion, language, culture, race, etc. It has the majority of the population that resides in small villages and towns.

Despite the huge thrust on high economic activity & financial inclusion, many Indian districts do not have a banking presence yet. To help people in such areas, the government introduced Bank Mitra to access basic financial services.

Bank Mitra and their Role

Bank Mitra are agents/ a person that works especially in rural areas to provide basic banking services. They offer end-to-end financial assistance and banking service to people residing in these areas.

Bank Mitra is attached to bank branches. GPLF (Gram Panchayat Level Federation) selects the Bank Mitra.

Eligibility of Bank Mitra

  • Should have excellent liaison and communication skills
  • Ability to write clearly with good handwriting
  • Should be between 18-35 years
  • Should be a minimum of 10+ Class
  • Should have the knowledge to operate computers and the Internet.

Can a VLE register for Bank Mitra?

Yes, a VLE can register for Bank Mitra. VLE is a short form for Village Level Entrepreneur. They deliver various types of non-government and government services to the end consumers from the outlet of the Common Service Centre. This includes online public utilities, financial services to citizens, and quality healthcare.

Role of VLE as a Bank Mitra

  • Have to manage the Help Desk
  • Open Bank accounts
  • Support with the documentation process for banks
  • Facilitate credit linkage
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Monitor SHG loans
  • CSP Kiosk
  • Suraksha Beema
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling

Is it wise to do VLE Registration for Bank Mitra? Is it a profitable business?

Despite many Government initiatives, people in rural areas do not trust banks because of poor understanding and financial literacy.

Interpersonal trust plays a huge role in any business. A person would willingly participate in dealings with what his friend possesses. The same is the case with the people who live in rural areas. They will trust a VLE as he/ she would be one among them. So, it is wise to do VLE registration for Bank Mitra.

Through Bank Mitra, the Indian government aims to drive financial inclusion that will develop the entire society collectively. It is a great move for inclusive economic growth that will help the less privileged explore financial opportunities and long-term goals.

As a Bank Mitra, you will have access to basic financial services. You will be helping people who are vulnerable in society and less fortunate in India. In addition, you will also empower them to dismount the vicious poverty cycle and earn good income & commissions.

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Potential Market: Unbanked population

Around 191 million Indian population are unbanked, out of which 56% are women. So, Bank Mitra holds a good potential to earn a good income.


In India, most women do not have effective control over their financial lives. The women, especially those from poor households or out of the workforce are the unbanked adult population.


The poor adult group in India holds the biggest share among the unbanked in rural areas.


In India, every 4 in 10 in the age group of 15-24 in rural areas are unbanked adults.


Most of the unbanked adults in rural areas have a sparse educational background.

This clearly signifies that you have masses of the unbanked population to target.

Why is Bank Mitra Registration Important?

VLE Registration for Bank Mitra helps you to enter all the bank support technically. Once you’re chosen as a CSP provider of a nationalized bank after VLE Registration for Bank Mitra, you can access many government facilities.

You can also access prominent and developed national e-administration plans of Digital India after VLE Registration for Bank Mitra. For example, you can help people in your rural area with money transactions using a Micro ATM. This way you can earn great commissions.

A service provider like GST Suvidha Kendra also gives great commissions and incentives for offering services like Micro ATM. You can run this franchise business along with Bank Mitra. It is a good earning potential that can bring you good monetary fortunes.

GST Suvidha Kendra

VLE Registration for Bank Mitra: Steps to be followed

  • Go to and Click on VLE registration for Bank Mitra.
  • Type your CSC ID and Password to Login.
  • Choose a New user.
  • The initial detail form is auto-filled with your information.
  • Enter information like Name, Marital Status, Gender, etc.
  • Share the information such as the name of the State, District, and Village along with PinCode.
  • Type the details of the nearby bank for VLE registration for Bank Mitra.
  • Upload essential documents like Identity Proof, PAN Card, etc.
  • Enter the details of the system you have such as computer type.
  • Write other details such as the type of Business Correspondents (BC) premises, manpower availability, employment status, etc.
  • Review all information before you submit the form for VLE registration for Bank Mitra.
  • After successful submission, an 11-digit registration number will appear on your screen. This is a reference number for further procedure.
  • The BC center will be visited by the District Manager for verification of the information.

Documents Required for VLE Registration for Bank Mitra

  • Photograph of the candidate/applicant.
  • No objection Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance) Certification
  • Highest Qualification Document
  • Savings Account- cancellation Check
  • Inside and Outside photograph with Bank Mitra location tag.
  • Photograph of the Candidate/Applicant.
  • ID and address proof.

CSC Bank Mitra: One of the largest Business Correspondents Networks in India

CSC Bank Mitra is known as one of the largest business correspondents in India. It has established 8500+ Kiosks (Customer Service Points) in 28 states of India. It focuses mainly on rural India.

This structure is being praised for its better fund management systems as well as smooth operations across the country. To give better performance, all the CSPs are provided with computer training. They are also trained in cash management system training. These pieces of training help CPSs improve their income.

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CSC Bank Mitra for VLEs has signed an agreement with all Public in the country. One can become a Bank Mitra sitting at home by taking HDFC BC points. Likewise, you can become a bank Mitra with all banks like SBI BC, Axis BC, PNB, etc. You can easily access big banks in the future by setting CSC everywhere.

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