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What are the different points that you can consider during Housing plans?

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What are the different points that you can consider during Housing plans?

Housing plans

What are the different points that you can consider during Housing plans?

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There are numerous middle-class people who dream to have their own house. Especially in India, one struggles and earns whole life to construct their dream home.

But to fulfill this goal,

You might raise the question of “How”?

In regard to this question, a housing plan is an answer. You can easily plan your house with all internal and external particulars and detail. A good house plan helps you in many ways, like

  • Planning space in the house,
  • Estimate expense cost,
  • The setting of furniture, etc.

Let’s read more about the housing plan.

What are the home features you will need to consider before purchase or construction?

Our young generation doesn’t wait to see any merits before buying a house. However, here are some points that one can consider before buying a house:

Location: It is necessary for every buyer to look for the location that suits them. The location helps in bringing a large impact on the resale value. So, ensure that you visit the location physically before buying a house.

Budget: A modern house plan requires a good budget. So, before buying a house you should check whether the house is within your budget and if it is fulfilling all your needs or not.

Good Resell value: Before you plan to buy a property, it is essential to check its resale value. It could happen that in the future you didn’t get the same value on which you have purchased. Property buyers don’t check the resale price. They make this mistake as they focus more on the budget and prime location of the house.

For instance, the covid pandemic has taught a moral for every individual. This situation has badly affected the real estate sector. It has bought the market price of the property at ground level.

If you made an investment in a good property then in the future it will give you a profitable return when you resale it. The property will not give you a depreciating value.

Eligibility for loan: Loan eligibility is very important to be taken into consideration. A home loan depends on various factors. These can be income, repayment capacity, etc. You can pick up a loan from any company or a bank. But the maximum amount for a loan that can be sanctioned depends on the different eligibility criteria of the banks.

NOTE: The eligibility of a loan becomes rigid for a buyer if the ROI increases on a home loan.

Rate of rent in the area: If you have plans regarding the investment in a rental house, then highly populated and high-rent areas are perfect. You can gather information about rent from the ones who are residing in that area. This will assist you to pick the accurate property.

Also, you can invest in a house where there are nearby hospitals, schools, shops, etc. These factors also increase house rent in various areas.

Registration and stamp duty fee: The stamp duty and registration fee are an important tax that is collected by the Government. If you are planning to buy a property, then you must check the relevant charges and rates in that area or city.

Property insurance: You can protect your financial future with property insurance. It will help you if any harm happens to your property. There are varieties of home insurance policies. You can choose it as per the level of protection.

For example, If any fire incident or robbery occurs in your home, then you can purchase property insurance.

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Note: GST Suvidha Kendra is an online portal that can help you to pay your insurance securely on portable devices. You will not need to go outside as you can make various payments at home easily.

The different types of insurance available on the GST Suvidha Kendra’s portal are:

  • Car Insurance
  • Child Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Term Insurance
  • Critical Insurance
  • Investment
  • Pension
  • Travel Insurance
  • Two-Wheeler Insurance

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Additional price: If this is your first experience in buying a home, then you must check the additional cost applied to the house. You will need to pay charges on maintenance, vehicle parking, etc.

The points that need to consider before building a house of your own:

Set goal: The most important thing for a house building plan is to set its goal. The house goal includes size, design, layout, etc. There are many professional experts, architects, & interior designers who can build your house as per the plans. The plans could be-

  • Modern house plan,
  • Simple house plan,
  • Two-bedroom building plan, etc.

If a family is planning to construct a big home, then they must plan the house design wisely. It should include amenities which is fulfilling all your current and future requirements.

Bring perception regarding the complete home: There are many first-time buyers who regret the planning stage. As in this stage, you can plan a car porch area, make furniture arrangements, garden area, etc. When you select your simple house or modern house plan, you must visualize your complete home look. This will help you to assume how much space is required for all gadgets, furnishing, etc.

Fix a budget: As per your housing plan, you can fix your budget and fulfill your dream. You can set your funding via following below ways:

  • Simply home design
  • Hire an expert home builder’
  • Include all necessary amenities in home design, etc

Contain enough details: While building a house of your own, you must keep the following points in your mind:

  • Built-in closets
  • Space in storage areas
  • Amenities like for a guest there should be an extra space for a closet.
  • Incorporate custom-made storage in the kitchen area.

In a modern house plan, you can control all exterior lights from the master bedroom or even from mobile apps. In the plan, you can add modern devices that are operated from your voice. You can add soundproof in the areas where you feel it is needed.

Assemble a team: You need to bring together a professional & expert team for building your own home. Hire a professional like a plumber, electrician, etc. & check their previous work report. Make sure they bring their best and work in sync.

Do not ignore the ductwork: It is immensely suggested that you should not ignore the ductwork cover and seal. Make sure you select the right builder who provides you top quality ductwork. If he does poor planning, then there will be horrible moisture.

Prepare yourself for an uncertain situation: You should be prepared for an uncertain circumstance that can occur in any construction approach. If plan A doesn’t work then prepare plan B in advance.

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What is the method to get a free house plan?

It is crucial for every person to determine the right house plan for building/ purchasing a house. You can hire a professional architect or buy a ready-made house plan. But you can be charged more if you choose either of the ways. In that circumstance, you can follow the points noted below.

  • Check library books that are available to you locally. It can help you to get house plans of all sizes and ranges.
  • Visit different websites which provide free house plans. It may set a flat cost for membership.
  • Contact your relatives who design a house plan. He/she can suggest you free house plans that were created by him/her.

How could I find a house plan?

Your simple house plan or modern house plan requires a copy that gives you the detailed information. It benefits you when you are renovating or adding a special characteristic to your house. You can find a house plan from the following:

  • Connect to your sales agent who is present at the real-estate office.
  • Visit the clerk who registered your land in the municipality office.
  • You can find a house plan from the original owner.

Can I design a house plan?

There are numerous software’s which are now available online for designing a house plan. They are easy and even a non-professional can create a high-quality house plan. By using those software programs you can design your own house plan.

What is the cost required to design a house plan?

The cost required to design a house plan depends on various factors. They are-

  • No. of rooms
  • Aspects of different rooms
  • Sanitation
  • Furniture settlement
  • Carpet area
  • Budget, etc.
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