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Why India Needs Deep Portal?

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Why India Needs Deep Portal?

Deep Portal

Why India Needs Deep Portal?

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The Government of India launched Deep Portal to bring uniformity and fairness to power procurement. At the same time, it promotes competition in the electricity sector. As the third largest power producer, India needs transparency in power distribution. The DEEP Portal is an answer to this.

Let’s discover all About Deep Portal.

About DEEP Portal

DEEP Portal stands for Discovery of Efficient Electricity Price. It is an e-Bidding and e-Reverse auction portal for procuring short-term power by DISCOMs.

To grab complete knowledge about Deep Portal you need to understand some other terms like e-Bidding and e-Reverse. Let’s start with e-Bidding.

What is e-Bidding?

E-Bidding stands for electronic bidding system. It’s a process in which suppliers submit electronic bids to open and invitational competitions. A buyer and more than two suppliers can take part in this online event.

eAuction and e-Bidding may appear similar. But, both of them are different terms. eAuction leads to the confirmation of the best tender by the buyer which results in more competition.

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What is e-Reverse?

A reverse auction is a type of auction in which sellers bid for the prices of their choice. It is the opposite of the usual auction. In a standard auction, the seller shares their items and buyers bid for them.

It earns fame with the growing time and the internet. Government bodies and large corporations utilize reverse auctions as a competitive procurement method.

What is e-Reverse

What is the Procurement?

In general, it is a process which is linked with businesses. It is the act of purchasing goods on a large scale. The company could be in the role of buyer or seller.

There are a few steps involved in the procedure of power procurement, and they are as follows:

  • Analyze and share the requirement.
  • From various suppliers, fill out a purchase request and request quotes.
  • Calculate the price and complete the purchase order.
  • Receive the invoice and submit payment.

Role of DEEP Portal

The role of the DEEP Portal is to ensure a seamless flow of power from the seller to the buyer. It was started by the Ministry of Power, to make it mandatory for all procurers to procure short-term power by using this e-Bidding portal. Currently, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Bihar are using this short-term power procurement.

Utility of the portal

  • This platform has evolved the procurement process over the last few decades.
  • Due to this platform, buyers can directly connect with suppliers and attain a short-term contract.
  • It promotes competitive procurement of power by Distribution Licensees for their short-term demand (less than or equal to one year).
  • It provides benefits to consumers.

Benefits of the portal

  • This portal provides a common e-Bidding platform with e-Reverse Auction facilities.
  • It brings constancy to the process of power procurement.
  • It benefits consumers with the overall reduction in the cost of procurement of power.
  • This portal builds confidence through transparency and efficiency in the procurement of power.
  • This portal helps the government to keep a record of the power purchased by all the states in one month.
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What is the process of registration in the DEEP Portal?

To register on DEEP Portal, you need to follow the procedure:

  • Go to the DEEP e-bidding portal.
  • There is a Registration tab on the left-hand side. Click on it.
  • Click on ‘Register as PFCCL/Utility’.
  • Choose Utility.
  • Fill out the given registration form and submit it.
  • Give your digital signature for submission.

The first registration is considered as a super admin user-id.

  1. Super admin can log in and click on create users to add more User-ID.
  2. This platform needs a minimum of 2 users to open a Tender. IIn Int is recommended that at least 3 users be identified as Tender Opening Committee members.
  3. You have been successfully registered on the DEEP Portal after the users have been created.

Recently, out of a total generation of around 91671.33MUs, above 10% (9215.24MUs) is conducted through short-term bilateral and through power exchanges, etc. DEEP Portal can measure, analyse and control loads in the field of electricity. It can maintain transparency and efficiency in the process of procurement power.

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