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About India Enterprises Architecture

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About India Enterprises Architecture

India Enterprises Architecture

About India Enterprises Architecture

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Millions of people visit government offices daily in order to get various information. This costs the government a heavy amount and a lot of time. To provide information to the entrepreneur quickly, the Electronics and Information Technology of the government of India has introduced India Enterprises Architecture (IndEA).

Under the Digital India Programme, the government has introduced Digitize India Platform to help business owners find their documents.

IndEA is a base that enables the development and application of Enterprise Architecture freely and in parallel by all governments and their agencies across India.

Let’s read about India Enterprise Architecture.

About India Enterprises Architecture

IndEA is a framework that the Government of India forms to make all government services digitally accessible to the citizens.

Aim of the India Enterprises Architecture

  • To enable an audit procedure while providing the tools for architecture governance.
  • Best practices for explicit and implicit architecture should be recorded and shared.
  • Guiding the growth of enterprise architectures.
  • To capture the key elements of architecture and the inter-relationships between them.
  • Allowing for the adoption of standards founded on consensus.

Need for India Enterprise Architecture

The need for IndEA is felt because the e-governance projects are standalone initiatives and rarely broad. Some reasons why Indian citizen requires IndEA:

  • To improve performance, maximise investment returns, and grasp emerging technologies that support businesses.
  • It’s a universal framework.
  • For a comprehensive architecture that incorporates ministries, states, governmental organizations, etc.
  • It will accommodate the greenfield and brownfield e-governance initiatives. The structure consists of 8 reference models- Business Application, Data, Performance, Technology, Security, Integration, and Architecture Governance.
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Main Principle

The major principle of IndEA:

  • Government priorities for SDGs are aligned with performance measurement systems.
  • Mobile channels are compulsory for the delivery of all services, among all delivery channels.
  • Data-sharing across the government to prevent the use of duplicative sets of data.
  • Application design is open standards-based and independent of technology.
  • Integrated Services that cut across agency silos are recognized, framed, and delivered to realise the perception of ONE Government.
  • All commonly required Applications are unreal to be built once and deployed across the Whole-of-Government through reuse and sharing.

How is SDG connected with India Enterprise Architecture?

The IndEA and SDG are connected to each other. The other name for SDG is Sustainable Development Growth. The growth of India Enterprise Architecture was a credible effort to anchor it to the UN’s SDGs.

The critical and measurable outcomes for the government are created on the basis of the direction provided by SDGs. This provides a mutual vision which enables consensus among multiple stakeholders.

Future Scope of IndEA

  • To enable an audit process.
  • To provide leadership in the development of enterprise architecture.
  • To capture the important factors of architecture.

Structure of IndEA

It comprises 8 reference models: Business, Security, Application, Data, Technology, Performance, Integration, and Architecture Governance. IndEA was formed on a set of principles that mentors the Architecture growth process.

Structure of IndEA

Intended Audience

It is intended for the following groups:

  • For all the state and central government ministries. For other government departments, especially those who don’t have an enterprise architecture initiative or are in the growing stage of their enterprise architecture development.
  • Government leaders, analysts, chief architects, designers, etc. seek better, quicker and more accessible approaches to the needs of internal as well as external customers.
  • Senior government officials who command and guide enterprise architecture initiatives to enhance their understanding and promote active commitment.
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