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All about Digi-Sevak

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All about Digi-Sevak

All about Digi-Sevak

All about Digi-Sevak

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Digital India- a flagship program was launched in 2015. It aimed to transform India with a digitally empowered society. Social media, radio, etc., was reaching out to people. But, word of mouth remained an important mode to convey info. in villages and small towns.

To bring more evolution, the Government of India introduced an online volunteer platform. It was for all the citizens of India. The platform was called DIGI-SEVAK.

It aids people to make a contribution in the Digital India program success. This platform makes people aware about the DI & its services.

This platform allows volunteers to select tasks for themselves. By then make an addition in the Digital India program.

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What is Digi-Sevak?

It is a volunteering platform established by NERD. This platform is for the people who want to make an addition to Digital India (DI). It enables the Govt. ministries to create essential tasks for the DI drive. The volunteers can select the task according to their interests & skills.

This platform is a method for the end-to-end completion of volunteering tasks. It begins with:

Volunteer registration,

Creation & assessment of tasks,

At last, reward & recognition of volunteers’ contribution.

What are the goals of this platform?

The goal of this platform is to-

  • Aid people to use technology.
  • Create awareness about Digital India & its services.
  • Make people aware of digital literacy & cyber hygiene.
  • Promote many e-services provided by the Government.
  • Work as a brand ambassador in various outreach programs of DI.

What are the eligible criteria for Digi-Sevak?

  • The eligible criteria required for this platform are-
  • A graduate degree in any work area.
  • Must not have any criminal record.
  • Have knowledge of social media platforms and essential IT skills..
  • Proficient in writing and speaking.
  • Must have executive skills & ethical conduct.

What is the scope of volunteer work?

The scope of volunteer work is mentioned-below-

  • Data collection

All trained volunteers of DI collect data whenever it is required. This data is collected from the students/citizens of

    • High school
    • Panchayat
    • Villages
    • Departments
    • Colleges
    • Community centers, etc
  • Training

The trained volunteers give training to Indian citizens. They encourage them to take part in digital literacy courses.

  • Awareness

Aware people about the

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    • Digital India & its services
    • Digital literacy and
    • Cyber hygiene
  • Participate

The volunteers will participate in all outreach programmes of DI.

  • Collect feedback

Put feedback data on the given portal. It will be after every activity & outreach programme of DI.

  • Translation

The volunteer will be given the translation work. They will translate the document from English to other Indian languages. This work will be given with a timeline and sequence.

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Who are the participants that can use the Digi-Sevak platform?

Government Agencies & Ministries

The below-mentioned Government agencies & ministries can use the Digi Sevak platforms-

  • Central Government Department/Ministries.
  • Agencies/ PSUs/ autonomous institutions of the Central Government.
  • State Government’s Department/ Ministries.
  • United Nation bodies and Global Institutions
  • Any other institution. It must be working for the Central Government & its ministries.
  • Institutions working on the vision of DI.


Any Indian citizen can use Digi-Sevak platform. They can contribute their talent and skills for DI through this platform. But for the contribution, they must have the below-mentioned attributes:

  • Ready to divide & take out time for the DI program.
  • Must have vital skills such as Microsoft Office, Emailing, etc.
  • Show civilized behavior during physical & digital meetings.
  • Strong ability to write & speak.
  • Have executive skills.
  • Must be a person of ideal conduct.
  • Must know how to use a smartphone.
  • Have knowledge about the latest trend on social media platforms.

What is the workflow on the Digi-Sevak?

The workflow of this platform is given below-


Volunteers can register themselves on Digi-Sevak platform. These volunteers can be from all sections of the society. They will need to fill out a registration form in online mode. It will be related to the role for which they have applied. The volunteers will receive an agreement and role description. It will include all the information about their working area. This will aid them to have a clear idea of duties & obligations applied to them.


Volunteers will get 5 hours of training along with induction on Digital India. They will also get the same on other related subjects. The NIELIT will assess the volunteers.

Note: NIELIT stands for National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology. It is an autonomous scientific society. This body is managed by the MeitY. It is set up to develop skills & build capacity in various IT areas.

Online Support

All discussions with the volunteers will be performed through emails. It can also be done via an online volunteer management system. The volunteers will get the support session. They can take guidance & advice from the session.

What are the steps to carry out registration on this platform?

You can register yourself on this platform with the below-mentioned steps-

  • Visit Digi-Sevak website.
  • Tap on the “Register” button.
  • Choose the volunteer-type
  • Put all the required details with the security code.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions with a click on the box.
  • Tap on the “Submit” tab.
  • An OTP is sent to the mentioned email address and mobile number.
  • Put the OTP & verify yourself.
  • You will be redirected to the Digi-Sevak dashboard.

What is the structure for motivation and reward?

The volunteer will receive the following rewards as a token of appreciation. It will be for the volunteer efforts under Digital India program.

structure for motivation and reward


Digi-Sevak connects the Government with citizens to volunteer DI events. The tasks are given by Government ministries & agencies. This platform has a system to manage the end-to-end process of volunteering activities.

As per the digi-sevak website, 344069 volunteers have contributed to the DI program. They have completed 19 tasks & some are in discussion.

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